Bicycle Touring Belgium


Most Americans and other people from around the world always dream of visiting Europe. Europe’s culture is old and rich, and you can always find something that will fascinate you on this continent. In London, you have ancient and magnificent sites like the Big Ben Clock, the Buckingham Palace, West Minister lane, etc. In France, you have the Eiffel tower, fine food, and other attractions that you will enjoy. If you are thinking of visiting Europe to see and experience new things, you don’t have to go to these countries considered expensive to travel to. You don’t even have to wait until you have a private jet or first-class services before you explore and enjoy your journey. You can easily visit other beautiful countries like Belgium. Belgium is home to many foreign organizations, and bike packers have visited this place from time to time. It has many beautiful sites, and you can see all these beautiful places from the top of your bike. If you want to go bike packing in Belgium, we have compiled a list of beautiful sites you can visit. Enjoy!

Beautiful destinations in Belgium

Visit Eifel nature park

If you want to go bike packing in Belgium because you want to experience nature, then Eifel nature park would be an excellent place to start your bike packing journey. This area contains many untamed wildernesses, and you can easily ride your bike around while experiencing nature. Tourists have often described the Eifel Nature Park as having a worldly beauty that sets it apart from other attraction centers. If you love animals, you would love this park. This park is home to wild cats, red deers, owls, and many other animals. You can take pictures and videos for your social media page.

Explore Ghent

Most people travel to Brussels and other popular cities when they travel to Belgium. However, if you want to enjoy a more profound Belgian culture, you should ride to Ghent. This small port city has many cultural events organized all year round, and you can immerse yourself in the culture and the people.

Tour around Bruges

If you are going bike packing as a couple, you should visit Bruges’ romantic city. This place is home to dreamy canals and exotic restaurants that can bring any couple together. You can take beautiful pictures with your partner for memories.

Visit Durbuy

Less is always more, and this applies to the population. If you happen to go bike packing in Belgium, then you would need to visit Durbuy. Durbuy is one of the smallest towns in Europe as it houses only 500 residents. However, the town has beautiful scenery and exotic restaurants that will blow your mind away. Riding through this town will leave you feeling calm and satisfied.

Enjoy the scenery in Spa

If you have been bike packing in Belgium and looking for a place to relax and enjoy yourself before traveling back, Spa is the perfect place for this action. This place is elegant and beautiful, and it is blessed with mineral-rich, warm waters. It would be best if you enjoyed this place before you head back to your home country.

Visit Brussels

If you are looking to enjoy historical architecture and everything that Belgium has to offer, you should visit the country’s capital. Brussels is a beautiful city and has many beautiful art galleries, museums, and top-notch beer. If you hope to bike pack in Belgium, then Brussels has to be on your itinerary.

Explore the Chateau de la hulpe

The reason why most people travel is so that they can see things they have never seen before. This beautiful castle is located less than an hour from Brussels, and you can easily ride there at your convenience. Be sure to take as many pictures as you can because this site is truly magnificent.

Visit the Sonian forest

Another excellent place you can go bike packing is the Sonian Forest. This place is a UNESCO heritage land, and it is home to hundreds of animals. If you want to visit this place, make sure that you don’t hurt animals and ride with caution.

Enjoy the scenery in Torgny

If you are going bike packing in Belgium and enjoying incredible scenery, you should visit Torgny. This region is home to many beautiful sights, and you can enjoy bike rides in the countryside.


Traveling to Europe does not have to be an expensive or complicated process. Once you know that you can experience every good thing this continent has to offer from the top of your bike, it becomes easier. If you are thinking of going to Belgium, going on a bicycle tour would be a rewarding experience. The country has so much to offer, and you can explore sights all day. This article has shown you some of the most desirable destinations for tourists in Belgium. Cheers!