A Comprehensive Guide to Low Waste Bike packing


Climate change is one of the major problems affecting our world today. Our planet is the only one that can serve as a home to human beings and even though amazing individuals like Elon Musk are trying to make the human species multi-planetary, there is no guarantee that he will succeed be fore we have to pay for the sins of abusing our planet. Therefore, everybody must work together to reduce the pollution causes on earth. Bike packers are also part of this fight. When bike packers travel, they are always very mobile and they need to use products and equipment that will help them to get things done fast. This usually translates into a lot of plastic waste product. If you are bike packer, you should make active decisions to reduce the plastic waste that you leave behind as you go about your tour. This article has outlined some strategies you can take if you want to reduce go on a waste free bike packing tour. Enjoy!

How to go on a waste free bike packing tour

Carry a few reusable bags and containers

Most bags and containers are disposable and these items account for most of the waste products on the planets. If you want to achieve a waste free bike packing tour, then you should consider bringing enough reusable bags for your food and items. If you buy food or you have something that you need to store and use periodically, putting them in a reusable container can be a great way to save the planet. You can easily access these items and return the bag to your luggage. When you reach your home, you can bring out these reusable bags, wash them (they are mostly washable nylon bags) and store them for another exciting bike packing tour.

Use recyclable items for your personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important and you have to sometimes use disposable materials for this purpose. If you are a lady going on a bike packing tri[, then you should consider using reusable pads for your journey.

Order food at restaurants and put them in reusable containers

Going on a trip means you are going to be eating basically anything that is available. You can’t always plan everything ahead and it may get to a time when your protein bars and other foods will run out. At this point, you might want to order foods that can keep you going from stores and these foods are mostly stored in plastic containers. When you order food from stores, you can ask them to package it well so you can easily put them in your reusable container. This will allow you to maintain a low waste catalogue while feeding yourself on the go. This brings us to our next point.

Eat at local stores

If you are going to order food at local stores, you might as well eat at the place. Local stores serve food every day and you don’t have to worry about any plastic or container. All you have to do is eat, satisfy your cravings and be on your merry way. If you make the time to eat at local stores instead of buying food, you would be reducing the amount of waste on you significantly.

Cut down on the soft drinks

Most soft drink are packaged in cans and bottles that cannot be recycled. Nobody is saying you should not treat yourself to a can of soda after a hard day’s ride. However, you have to make sure that you are cutting on the intake of such products. This soda products can have an adverse effect on your health and they definitely have an adverse effect on the planet if you end up not disposing them the right way. When you are bike packing, you should drink a lot of water while cutting down on the soft drink.

Bring a water filter bottle

Another great way to help the planet and reduce toxic waste is by using a water filter bottle. Water filter bottles are designed to allow you drink clean water regardless of the source of the water and you can easily get water from any food store or even a fountain on the road. If you use a water filter bottle, you don’t have to carry packs of plastic water around. This will save you time and allow you to travel in a lighter mode. We highly recommend water filter bottles for not just bike packers but every outdoor explorer.


Working towards a greener and cleaner planet is no longer a fancy dream. It has become evident that is necessary for the survival of the human specie and everybody must play their part towards achieving a green and waste free planet. If you are a bike packer, you can engage in this fight by making sure that you embark on waste free journeys. If you are not sure on how to achieve a waste free journey, this article has provided you with guidelines that you can follow to have a waste free bike packing tour. Cheers!