A Comprehensive Guide to Mountain Preparation


Most people don’t live their lives with the consciousness that they only live once. However, the people that abide by this rule are known to be risk takers and explorers who want to experience everything there is in this world. If you belong to this category, then going on a mountain trip is an excellent idea. Going for a bike packing trip on a mountain would offer you a new experience that will allow you to enjoy the most daring physical activity. If you are planning a mountain trip, you have to prepare and cover all your bases. Mountain biking or climbing is not an easy activity and you need to be well prepared if you want to enjoy your trip and come back in one piece. The tips we have outlined in this post will show you the basic tips you need to know if you plan to go mountain bike packing. Enjoy!

Tips for a successful mountain biking trip

Wear mountain climbing shoes

If you are planning to go on a mountain trip, the first and most important thing you have to pack is your mountain climbing shoes. Mountains are usually filled with rough surfaces and other elements that can easily damage a footwear that is not built for the process. If you want to climb successfully, then you should buy durable mountain climbing shoes. Your shoes should also be breathable and they should be water proof. They should also be lightweight so that they don’t weigh you legs down and slow down climbing.

Wear lightweight, packable waterproof pants

Another item you have to pack when you are going mountain climbing is lightweight, packable waterproof pants designed to keep you warm and dry. The mountain is a natural habitat and you can experience anything from intense heat to heavy downpour. You should wear clothing equipment that will allow you to be prepared for anything. The reason why you should carry packable pants is so that you can easily change them from time to time. Your pants are also lightweight to allow you move more swiftly and they are waterproof so that rain and mud from the ground doesn’t not affect your skin.

Wear thick hand gloves

Cold is something you would not be able to avoid on the mountain and you have to pack wears that will allow you battle this situation effectively. If you are wearing light hand gloves, cold will eventually penetrate through them and you would soon find yourself battling with a lot of illnesses. If you plan to go on a trip on the mountain, you should get thick hand gloves that will allow you use your hand however you like and keep you warm. We recommend leather gloves with a mesh interior.

Carry warm sleeping bags

Sleep is important and you didn’t really go mountain climbing if you only intend to spend a few hours out there. This means that you would need to arrange sleeping systems and the best sleeping system for a trip like this are sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are lightweight and they are easy to carry. You can easily hang them on your shoulder along with other lightweight belongings while you climb the mountain. Sleeping bags are also quite easy to set up and maintain. Once you find a comfortable place to camp, you can sleep soundly until you are prepared to continue journey.

Eat protein bars

Mountain climbing requires a lot of strength and strength can only be sustained when you are properly nourished. There are no food stores on the mountain and except you plan to survive on rabbit and other game, you would have to pack food that will last you through your duration on the field. This is why you should carry enough protein bars with you when you go mountain climbing. Protein bars are known to provide you with the concentrated nourishment you would need to undertake this task.

Carry enough water

Water is life and water is a necessity. When you go mountain climbing, one thing that you should never be missing is water. You should bring enough packs of water that will last you and your team throughout the whole duration of your journey. Water is necessary and you all will need to drink periodically if you are to enjoy the trip.


If you are an explorer at heart, then you should tick mountain climbing and bike pacing off your bucket list as soon as you can. However, planning a mountain trip is not like planning any other trip because the complexities involved are quite enormous. If you are planning on going on a mountain trip soon, you should get as much information as you can about that mountain and other details. However, this article has provided you with the basic things you have to cover if you plan to go on a mountain trip. If you follow these guidelines, your trip would be easier and better for it. Cheers!