Bicycle Touring Austria


Many people in the world dream of traveling and experiencing as many cultures as they can. However, there is always the issue of finances. Most people think that when they travel, they have to stay in expensive hotels and enjoy all the good things their destination offers. While this makes sense in theory, it is not often that simple in real life. However, one category of people who get to travel, explore, and enjoy cultures with ease is bike packers. Bike packers move from one place to another without spending much at all. If you have been thinking of exploring Austrian and are not yet sure how you should go about it, going on a bicycle tour might be the perfect solution. There are beautiful destinations in Austria that you should see and you can see these places from the top of your bike. If you are interested in visiting Austria, we have compiled some of the best destinations that you can visit. Enjoy!

Beautiful destinations in Austria

Tour Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria, and it happens to be the most beautiful city in the country. This city embodies all that Austria is known for, and you can always enjoy the arts in Vienna. The country also has impressive monuments and palaces that will leave any tourist stunned. If you are going bike packing in Austria, you should visit Vienna and enjoy its fantastic music, food, and lifestyle. You can catch a music concert at the golden hall, or you could ride to one of the churches and enjoy classical music

Visit Hallstat

If you are bike packing in Austria, it would be a mistake not to visit the beautiful town of Hallstat. This town has one of the best sceneries in Austria as it is positioned near the Hallstatt lake. You can easily take pictures for your social media and blow your followers away. This town also has ice and salt caves that are magnificent to see. If you also want to enjoy other outdoor experiences like boating, hiking, and rock climbing, Hallstatt is the best place to do that.

Visit Salzburg

If you are a bike packer who happens to be a lover of classical music, you should visit Salzburg. This city is the origin of Mozart and the sound of music. In Salzburg, you get to experience various touring groups making good music. You also get to enjoy other exotic food from restaurants and different beautiful experiences in galleries

Tour Innsbruck

If you plan to go bike packing in Austria during the winter season, you should check out Innsbruck. This town is filled with snow-topped mountains, and it has many places you can always enjoy yourself, including various resorts. Innsbruck also has tall colorful buildings and other beautiful sites like the Folk-Art museum and a luxurious thermal spa.

Explore Mostivertel

If you want to visit Austria where you can take beautiful, rare pictures, that place is Mostivertel. This area is located in the lower regions of Austria, and it comes with beautiful landscapes. It has green rolling meadows in the north and snow-laced peaks in the south. If you are riding around the town, you would enjoy the scenery and have good stories to tell.

Go mountain riding in Voralberg

If you love mountain riding and looking for a place where you can express your passion, you should visit Voralberg. This city comes with beautiful buildings and beautiful scenery. Furthermore, it has mountains that are uniquely suited for climbing and riding. When you ride around Voralberg, there are various views you can enjoy.

Explore history in Graz

If you are a student or young person who plans to go bike packing in Austria, Graz would be an excellent place to start. This town is home to about 60,000 Austrian students, and the nightlife in this area is fantastic. You get to make new friends while enjoying the scenery that the city provides.

Enjoy culture in Alpbach

If you are traveling to Austria to experience their culture firsthand, then you should visit Alpbach. This town is one of the oldest villages in Austria, and you get to experience Austrian culture unfiltered if you decide to go bike packing in this region.

Take beautiful pictures in St Gilgen

St Gilgen offers every bike packer and adventure seeker the opportunity to take beautiful pictures. This place is best with landscapes and scenery bound to blow any tourist’s mind away.


Austria might not be one of the top countries in the world that people aim to visit. However, this country has beautiful destinations, and you can easily see all these beautiful sights from the top of your bike. It would be best to explore as many cities and cultures as possible, and Austria is one of these beautiful places. If you are thinking of visiting the country and are not sure where you should go, this guide has been specially compiled. Cheers!