Bicycle Touring Albania


Most people take up bike packing or touring of any kind because they want to ride on a bike. The fact is, you can easily depend on a bike wherever you are and enjoy yourself or get some exercise in the process. Most people take up bike packing because they want to explore the outdoors and the world at large. If you are already thinking of travelling to another country to go bike packing, what you are really after is adventure and sightseeing. Many people are tempted to go to France, Japan or other top countries to plan a vacation. However, countries like Albania will offer you sights that you never thought existed. The beautiful natural landmarks can be found all over the country, and going on a bicycle tour in a place like this would be a rewarding experience. If you want to know the beautiful destinations to visit in Albania, we have compiled a list for you. Enjoy!

Best destinations to visit in Albania

Visit Valbona valley

If you ever go bike packing in Albania, you should visit Valbona Valley, National Park. This park covers about 25 kilometres, and it is one of the most beautiful spots in Albania. The park is made up of high alpine ridges, and it has a Valbona Valley. If you are hoping to see beautiful plants and animals atop your bike, then this place is the perfect spot for you.

Visit Karavasta Lagoon

If you want to go to Albania because you want to see rare and rare things, you have made the right decision. Bike packing in this country is an experience every explorer should have, and visiting the Karavasta lagoon is necessary. The Karavasta lagoon contains many rare sights, and some of them include rare birds like the Crispy Pelican. The Karavasta lagoon also has rare amphibian species that explorers love to see.

See the Osumi canyons

Albania is a country for bike packers and explorers looking for an adventure. There is no better place for them to experience this adventure than the Osumi canyons. These canyons contain a lot of unexplored territories and underground caves. If you also like to practise water sports alongside your cycling, you should visit Albania during the spring.

Enjoy the view at llogara pass

One of the most beautiful destinations in Albania is the Llogara Pass. This is a unique natural sight where snow comes in contact with the sea. When you are bike packing in Albania, you can quickly cycle down the road and enjoy the beautiful spectacle that is the Llogara pass.

Visit the Prespa national park

If you happen to be a bike packer and have a passion for archaeology, you should visit the Prespa National Park. This park happens to be the largest in Albania, and it shares borders with Greece and Macedonia. The park contains the Prespa lakes, and this destination draws thousands of people every year.

Visit the Koman lake

Another excellent place you can visit when you go to Albania is the beautiful Koman lake. This place was created in 1978, and it offers stunning mountain scenery for all explorers. If you want to enjoy this place, you might need to leave your bike for a while and hop a fairy to wonderland.

Enjoy the sotira waterfalls

Albania is home to Mount Tomorr, and this mountain gives out the beautiful Sotira waterfalls. This place is a significant tourist attraction in Albania, and it attracts thousands of explorers every year. You have to go 16 kilometres through Gramsh town before you get to sotira waterfalls, and this is a great place to bike and enjoy the scenery on the way.

Enjoy the Grunas waterfall

If you are hoping to go to Albania and come back with a phone filled with pictures, then you should visit the most popular tourist destination in the country. The Grunau fall is located in Thethi, which is 70k from Shkodra city. You can go bike packing in this area while enjoying the scenery and taking beautiful pictures of hillsides, trees, waterfalls, and other beautiful sights.

See the rana e hedhun lake

This tourist destination will offer you a beautiful sight. It is a valley of powdered sand that descends directly into the sea. You can host picnics and campouts on this spot, and bike packing in this destination will give you a full reward.


There are many beautiful destinations and sights in the world. Albania has its fair share, and people who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy their bike packing experience can decide to visit this country. We have shown you some of the most beautiful destinations in Albania, and if you ever choose to see any of these places, the experience will be well worth it. Cheers!