Best Bike Touring Destinations in The World


One of the dreams of every young person is to grow up and see the world. We dream of travelling the world like big celebrities in yachts and private jets. When we get older, the daily grind and hustle takes over and we forget our dreams. You might not be able to see the word on a private jet but if you have a true love for exploration, you can see the world from the back of a bike. Bike packing as allowed many explorers to visit beautiful places across the world. The more passionate bike packers have covered over 5 continents, over 150 countries and many kilometers. You don’t have to go all in to bike packing and spend your whole life exploring. However, you can plan to visit some of the best bike touring destinations in the world. These places stand out because of their unique beauty and they have various logistics in place that support bike packers. We have compiled some of the best bike touring destinations in the world. Enjoy!

Best bike touring destinations in the world


If you are planning to go bike packing for the first place, an excellent country to start from would be France. France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is blessed with ancient buildings, landscapes and fine food. There are amazing roads for cyclers to ride on and you can plan your trip around the time when the tour de France is holding. This will allow you to experience two beautiful adventures at once and you would have a lot of stories to tell when you get back from your trip.


If you live in a cold region and you are looking for a warm, quiet place to relax and go bike packing, then you should consider travelling to Australia. Australia has some of the best natural cycling tracks in the world and it also has coastal areas for relaxation. You don’t have to worry about food and water because you can always find a store nearby. The warm climate is built for people who want a new experience. You also get to enjoy a lot of landscapes in Australia including the rainforests, reefs and other wonderful spots for sightseeing.


If you love nature and you want to go bike packing in a place that allows you to experience it firsthand, then you should consider travelling to Kyrgyzstan. This country is blessed with some of the best natural landscapes you will ever see. It has grassy hills and beautiful mountain peaks that will provide wonderful pictures. The best places to visit are the less travelled parts of the country where you get to meet the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan.


India happens to be a popular destination for bike packers. The country is unique for its bright colors, religions and excitement. There is lot to enjoy when you travel to India and you can easily ride in the mountain regions of the country.

United States of America

The USA is another popular destination for bike packers. The public lands which cover millions of acres serve as a good place for recreation and bike packing. You can spend days and even weeks wondering the forests, hills and parks of America without getting bored of the scenery or the adventure.


If you want to travel to a place with minimal noise and wonderful weather, then Chile is the right spot for you. This county is blessed with quiet gravel roads that cut through some of the most beautiful landscapes ever. You can slowly ride through lakes, deserts, forests, mountain passes and so on. If you are a bike packer that enjoys peace and quiet, you would definitely enjoy going to Chile.


If your main purpose of bike packing is to see wild animals or enjoy wild fruits and other adventures of nature, then Norway is the perfect destination for you. This country is blessed with many different things to see, eat and enjoy.


If you want to go for a wild camping galore with your friends and folks, then you should consider bike packing in Argentina. This place comes with low traffic and it has many spots for camping, bonfire and other activities. You would definitely enjoy bike packing in Argentina.


Most people get to see so little of the world and this is because they make unrealistic expectations towards world tour and adventure vacations. If you want to enjoy some of the best destinations in the word, one of the fastest ways to do that is by bike packing. The beautiful destinations available over the world has led ambitious explorers to dedicate their whole lives towards bike packing. If you are looking for the best places around the world to start your bike packing trip, then you should check out these destinations that we have outlined above. Cheers!