Best Bicycle Touring Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


When you engage in outdoor activities, the purpose is always to enjoy yourself and relax with your family and friends. You take a lot of pictures and videos on your adventure and these things remind you of beautiful moments. However, it is not a bad idea to share your adventures with the rest of the world. If social media has made the world a global village, then Instagram is definitely the town square. People upload different content on Instagram daily and you can be sure there is something for bike packers. If you are a regular bike packer, you can start uploading your own adventures on your Instagram page too. However, if you just want to see how then bike packing process goes before you embark on a trip yourself, then there are certain Instagram accounts you can follow and get amazing bike packing content. In this article, we have outlined some of the best bicycle touring Instagram accounts you need to follow, Cheers!

Best bicycle touring Instagram accounts


If you are looking for premium bicycle touring content, then you should follow Amaya and Eric on (@worldbiking). These bike packers are experienced tourists and they have been doing this before social media became what it is today. With over ten years in bicycle touring, you can be sure you are getting the best content on Instagram. If you love good videos, then you would love Amaya. Amaya is a video genius and you can be sure that their content will keep you glued for a while.


If you want to go on a marathon bike packing journey, then you need to see how people have dared and achieved that same feet. TheBikeRamble is a bicycle touring account that belongs to a Swedish girl. The next piece of information we would give would blow your mind! This girl has been cycling through 42 countries and she has covered over 46,000 kilometers.


If you are impressed that the girl on TheBikeRamble rode through 46,000 kilometers through 42 countries, then you would be absolutely amazed at the record of @ryohei-oguchi. Ryohei is a retired bike packer that once travelled through 157 countries while covering over 150,000 kilometers. You should also note that he undertook this journey in 2016 before the Coronavirus pandemic. However, he is still posting pictures till today.


Amazingly, third world countries have some of the best bike packing destinations in the world and Mayu and Elliot belong to the very few willing to explore this space. @mayu_elliot have been travelling through Africa, Central Asia and India since 2015 and their photos might inspire you to explore more of the world.


You don’t necessarily need to be a professional bike packer to go on a bike packing tour. Some of the people that go on biking tours are photographers and they do this because it allows them to capture beautiful pictures from many different places. MarinoNicolas is one of such folks who started his bike packing journey from China in 2012. Since then, he has covered over 60,000 kilometers and has taken beautiful pictures from Asia, Africa and Australia.

Tales on Tyres

If you are still American at heart and you want to explore the deep parts of North America through bike packing, then you should definitely follow @TalesOnTyres. This Instagram account belongs to the Franzi and Jona. They are currently touring the deep paths of Alaska and the forests of Patagonia. If you are lover of exploration and travelling through unchartered paths, then you would definitely enjoy following this Instagram.


If you love nature pictures and you also love bike packing, then there is no reason for you not to follow @LostCyclist. This Instagram is owned by Lars. Lars has catalogued pictures that he has taken from over 96 countries and some of them include heavy snows, mountain ranges, forests and desserts. He has covered over 96,500 kilometers and he is considered a bike packing legend


Cass Gilbert is the owner of @whileoutriding account and this Instagram page has catalogued beautiful pictures from North and South America. Cass is more of an adventure guy and you would enjoy his pages if you hope to catch fun across the American Continent.


Another beautiful Instagram account that you can follow is this one. @AboutACyclingTrip is operated by Jonas and Jonas has been on the on the road for two years. He has cycled through South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand


Social media has allowed us to connect with people from all walks of life. If you are a bike packer or you are still aspiring and you want to see the best aspects of this wonderful outdoor adventure, then you should check out these Instagram accounts. You can follow them for Instagram updates and you can see what bike packers like yourself are looking for before you open your own Instagram account. Cheers!