Coronavirus and its True effect on the Bike Industry

Introduction The most significant occurrence in the 21st century has to be the Coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in living memory, the whole world was locked down, and everybody was asked to stay at home. This period was especially trying for outdoor explorers and tourists who derive joy from going out and interacting with … Read more

7 Best Pink Bicycle For Toddlers in 2021

pink bicycle for toddlers

As your toddlers are growing, it is necessary you fix them into exercising by getting them a bicycle. Pink, Blue, or Red, colors may differ, but it is paramount to affirm the safety of the bike, as your kid’s health is the utmost priority. It should be a preferable safety plan to get your toddlers(1-3 … Read more

4 Best Pink Bicycles For Girl in 2021

best pink bicycles for girl

Cycling took a new turn as the girl’s gender embraced the sport. The Feminine flare for pink products as a sign of beauty and the careful need for safety makes it a necessary consideration amongst manufacturers to include style, design, and quality into their preferences for bicycles. Initially, Female bicycles were limited to three-wheeler bicycles. … Read more

5 Best Touring Bikes in 2021

FUJI Altamira 2.1 Bike Check Latest Price Trek 520 Disc Touring Bike Check Latest Price Surly Long Haul Trucker Check Latest Price Bicycles have been an excellent means of transportation and have dated back to centuries before the emergence of cars and other alternative means of road transportation. A touring bike is a bicycle designed ... Read more

5 Best Cruiser Bikes For Women in 2021

best cruiser bike for women

Are you looking for the best women cruiser bike to buy, trust me, we’ve got the coolest bike that will suit your taste and budget? We have gathered a list of the best cruiser bike for the ladies that can be taken to the open road and also serves as a very heartwarming gift to … Read more

Huffy Hardtail Stone Mountain Bike Review

Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

Looking for a good mountain bike with a price range of below 500 dollars? Huffy Hardtail stone mountain bike is a good choice in this category. Cycling is fun, amazing and a sure sport for everyone. Boys are known for their love for Bicycle. Round through games, short trips, commuting, Marathon, the clamoring for cycling … Read more

Schwinn sidewinder Mountain Bike Review

schwinn sidewinder mountain bike

Schwinn Bicycle Company, manufacturer of Schwinn sidewinder Mountain Bike has been a long-lasting firm in the business of Producing Bicycle from 1895 to date. In a span of 125 years, the goal of the founder of this company, Ignaz Schwinn, has been consistently upheld, with the company pushing in great product qualities of Bicycles into … Read more

Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike Review

nakto electric bike fat tire mountain ebike

Ever Heard about electric bikes? Well, that’s the cruise in town. Amongst all electric bikes, there’s a cool one you should know about; Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike. The first electric bike invention dated back to as early 1890. 31st December, 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr became the first to grab a US patent 552,271 to … Read more

Electra Townie Bike Review

Electra townie bike

Bike ride takes a beautiful shape with great spices and enhancements on its design, comfort, and control. Most times, you don’t always need to be on a mountain, uphill, rough terrains, rocky paths, burning out fats, energy, and all that. Sometimes all you need is a Townie Electra bike, cool and gently, taking soft rides … Read more

6 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 in 2021

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle Check Latest Price Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike Check Latest Price 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men's Hybrid Bike Check Latest Price If you are looking for a hybrid bike, it can be difficult and even more difficult to look for one under $300. The main reason why most people want ... Read more

GMC Yukon Fat Tire 26′ Mountain Bike

gmc fat tire mountain bike

Riding mountain bikes are cool but there is this amazing sense of awesomeness that comes with riding a fat tire mountain bike. Before you hit up straight to purchase a fat tire bike, there is a disclaimer, “You will surely get addicted to cycling.” That sounds Funny, right? But that’s a reality. Fat tires are … Read more

5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 in 2021

hybrid bikes under 1000

There are different types of bicycles in Production, the major classifications include; mountain bikes, Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, and Hybrid Bikes. These individual bikes are known for peculiar features but the Hybrid Bike is a combination of a Road bike and a mountain bike. Hybrid Bikes are general-purpose bikes designed with combined features of a … Read more

Top Mountain Bike Brands

best mountain bike brands

With the numerous mountain bikes in market circulation, multiple bike brands, it becomes a worry to every cyclist, the need to know which brands top the other. Understanding the history and background, mode of operation, and market standard, of Bicycle companies out there gives you a heads up on knowing which brand you can trust … Read more

3 Best Girls 24 Mountain Bike in 2021

Girls 24 mountain bike

There’s always a sporting dream in every girl child. The desire to cycle, ride through towns, join in bike races, exhibitions, and contests, mountain rides; a lady is entitled to the same privilege as to any man. However, a good girl bike is designed with a lightweight structure preferably aluminum or steel and low standover … Read more

Redline Monocog 29er Review

Introduction All sporting activities require some form of equipment or the other. However, the choice of equipment in some sports has a more direct impact on performance than in other sports. For example, a basketballer’s jersey has little or nothing to do with his performance on the court, while a golfer’s club has a lot … Read more

5 Best Bikes for Short Women in 2021

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle Check Latest Price Kent International Springdale Hybrid Bicycle Check Latest Price Royce Union RTT Women’s 21-Speed Mountain Bike Check Latest Price Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise; it engages your core and helps tone your muscles. You could ride to work every day and bask ... Read more

Pivot Mach 429 Review

Overview All Pivot bicycles arrive with a massively practical setup manual with the helpful sag indicator, which produces a fantastic background setting so that less knowledgeable cyclists can wriggle out the highest quality from the suspension. The suggested suspension plan on the Pivot Mach 429 Ride delivers good output once up and going, even though … Read more

3 Best Rated Electric Bikes in 2021

From the shores of America, down to suburbs of Africa, electric bikes have been gaining wide acceptance. Gone are the days you will have to break a sweat, tons of liquids off your body, pedaling so hard as your life depends on it, just to have your mountain bike scale through a hill. Mountain rides … Read more

6 Best Comfort Bikes in 2021

Schwinn Discover Unisex Hybrid Bikes Check Latest Price KENT Pomona Men’s Dual-Suspension Comfort Bike Check Latest Price Schwinn Siro Comfort Hybrid Bikes Check Latest Price For beginners or amateurs who just purchased or about to purchase a bike to start their biking adventure, it can be a daunting task as you will have so many ... Read more

BCA Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes are speedily gaining interest in the market, but a unique brand of quality and style is offered in BCA bikes. There are amazing mountain bicycles in market circulation, both online and offline, local stores and stalls, not being able to make a perfectly clear pick on one, lands you to either spending regularly … Read more