GMC Yukon Fat Tire 26′ Mountain Bike

Riding mountain bikes are cool but there is this amazing sense of awesomeness that comes with riding a fat tire mountain bike.

Before you hit up straight to purchase a fat tire bike, there is a disclaimer, “You will surely get addicted to cycling.”
That sounds Funny, right?
But that’s a reality.

Fat tires are just so fun to ride with. They are very comfortable to mount and their large volume and size and less pressure intake make their tires act as a shock absorber. Riding on one is close to having the comfy feeling of riding on an inflatable round ball.

These large tires absorb lots of pressure, bumps, and vibrations from the ground, reducing the amount of stress that is placed on your hands, eliminating back strains.
Designs on these tires make it easy to ride through mud, dirt, rocks, gravel, or even pavement.

You might be asking, “Are these fat tires the only good feature in BMC Fat tire 26′ Yukon mountain Bike”?

Well, that’s a Big No.

gmc yukon mountain bike

There are lots of amazing features packed up within this GMC bike that will make you fall in love with it, to the extent of wishing to have one.

Whatever your plans for taking up mountain cycling might be, either for sports, adventure, cruise, or just as a cardiovascular exercise, GMC Yukon Fat tire 26′ bike is a great combination of style, quality, and performance.

The bike is built with strength and professional design to take out rough terrains at ease. No matter the build or circumstances surrounding a path; snow, summer, or winter, you have no restrictions as to when and how to use your bike, it functions well through all conditions.

In this review, I’ll be offering you strategic guides through the features, pros, and cons of this bicycle, Tackling frequently asked questions by the most cyclist.

The 7 gear mountain bike is designed to make comfortable through rides in snow or dirt. With a 7 speed Shimano Rear Derailleur and shifter, you can easily switch through any of the 7 gears with ease.
This unisex bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame. The lightweight aluminum offers you durability and protection against rust with a life expectancy of 5-10 years. Unlike bikes with iron or steel frames, a standard aluminum frame is not prone to rust. In as much as they are light for carriage, they are stiff. The stiffness has huge impacts on your ride, providing stability and balance, aerobic control when climbing, or speeding. Although aluminum frames are not as light as carbon fiber they have an amazing high strength to weight ratio.

Fitted with a 26″ x 4″ wide tires hanging on 4-inch wide aluminum rims offer your bike great balance on the floor as you pedal through rides.

fat tire mountain bike 2021

Its Shimano Revo 7 speed shifter, Tourney rear derailleur, and a wide range Shimano 14 – 34 Cassette gives the rider a wide range of gear to choose from, depending on how much rotations you will want your pedaling to go, with considerations on how sloppy the trails might be.

As a 26 inch bike, its height and frame length makes it suit perfectly as an adult bike for riders 5’6″ – 6′.

The bike frame measures 17 inches making it less difficult to mount on. Easy to assemble. Upon purchase, its assembly just comprises fittings and adjusting of basic parts which include; the handles, adjusting the seat, checks on gears. It could just take you less time, as low as 30 minutes to couple your bike.

The 4-inch tires have a maximum pressure of 30 PSI, although rides through sands will require you to reduce the tire pressure, although is greatly dependent on your weight.

Although most times, the gear fittings in the bicycle usually have the first gear taking up a lot of gear position, making it slightly difficult to reach the least gears. But a little adjustment on the derailleur tackles this problem, with your bicycles functioning perfectly fine and its gears shifting through easily.

However, with great enhancements, you can turn the 7-speed bike to a 10-speed mountain bike. This usually entails that you change out all the gears, advisably with the help of a professional.

As a GMC bike, it offers the rider good balance, confident rides, and comfortable grips between different speeds for normal and rocky tracks, posing the bike as an easy tool to boost your riding capacity up to a professional level.

I know you will want to get the features from a bike, all at an affordable price. GMC Yukon Fat Tire 26 inch bike offers you high quality feels at a budget-friendly rate. Although it is fitted with a small bike that functions quite well to give you comfortable stops at its use.
Amazingly, this bike can be adjusted from its frame to suit taller persons, hopefully to the benefit of your teenager, for as he gets older the bicycle keeps growing with him and advancing in height, with respect to adjustments.



GMC Yukon Fat Tire 26 inch bike comes under the category of cheap mountain bikes below the price of $500.
It is on Amazon at a fair price of $320.73 – $400.00.

Buying a good fat tire mountain bike is not as difficult or strenuous as it seems. You just need to follow these simple principles.

Make sure you check for its tires; size and threading. Compare the tire quality offered and its pressures intake with that of other fat tire mountain bikes in the market. It is necessary you also consider the bicycle’s suspension.

Having known that your bike will be tackling tough terrains, it is necessary you opt for fat tire mountain bikes with a strong front shock. Finally, consider the crankset of your mountain bike. The crankset feature has been a silent area of consideration always overlooked by Bicycle riders. It is necessary you know how wide the crankset goes so as to be sure it can occupy effectively the mountain bike’s wheel. Its chain rotation is also necessary, you wouldn’t want to be taking pauses during rides just to fit in your chain that pulled out.