Retrospec Bike Review


When people think of cycling or riding, their minds immediately go to their childhood days or the cyclists competing in Europe. However, most cyclers are urban commuters. Commuting within your city with a bike is one of the primary forms of transportation in modern history, and it remains famous around the world today. If you are commuting your city, then your bike choice will be significantly from someone cycling for competitions or exercises. You would need to find a bike that is uniquely designed for that purpose. However, why find a bike designed for commuting when you can go with a brand dedicated to manufacturing bikes for city commuters and recreational cyclists. Retrospec bikes are a combination of style, performance, and durability, and their bikes are made for daily commuting and recreational purposes. There are many Retrospec bikes, and all of them can serve you perfectly. However, we will be taking a look at one of their top products, the Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle. Enjoy!


Key Features

Designed with a hand-built Tig-welded high-tensile strength steel frame

This steel frame has been carefully manufactured for urban comfort. It is perfect for commuting within your city, relaxing in the evening, competing with your buddies, and any other simple activity. This frame is strong enough to hold a cycler and multiple loaded saddlebags. Although this frame is hand-built, it is still made of steel, and you should do your best to keep it from rust.

Utilizes a fixed gear design

All Retrospec bikes, including the Retrospec Mantra bike, utilize a fixed gear design. This means that when your wheels start moving, your pedals will follow suit and vice-versa. Commuters describe this movement as a Zen-like process that merges your body with your movement, speed, and bike. You can quickly move around and enjoy yourself without exerting too much of yourself.

Designed with only one brake

This mantra bicycle has only the front brake installed. This limits the extent to which you can speed because the braking power rests on only one tire. If you want to add an extra brake, you have to break out your purse strings

Designed with double-walled super deep-V rims

This mantra bike utilizes special rims. These super deep-V rims are aerodynamic durable and can absorb shock when they come in contact with obstacles.

Made with Kenda kwest tires

The mantra bike comes with Kenda kwest tires, and they are designed with smooth rounded tread and large water dispersion grooves that allow you to cruise smoothly on flat roads.


Brand name: Retrospec

Wheel size: 700 centimeters

Color: Chrome/Black


Perfect for recreation and city commuting

This bike is uniquely made for city commuting. When you are riding within the city with music in your ears, the feeling you get is indescribable. You can easily take this bike out and ride it within your street, on the beach, and in several other cool places.

Built for comfort

If you are looking for a bike built for comfort, then you should consider buying this product. This bike’s frame is built for urban comfort, while the gear system is designed to make you exert minimum force when pedaling. You can easily cruise and enjoy your evening

Designed with an elegant look

If you are looking for something elegant, then this bike certainly fits that criteria. It is designed with a classic, simple look that makes it stand out among other bikes.

Easy to maintain

Since this bike only comes with one fixed gear, you can significantly reduce your maintenance cost. One of the first parts of a bicycle that requires maintenance is the gears and shifting cables. These parts are absent in the mantra fixie bicycle, and you can use your bike for an extended period before you have to take it for maintenance.


Not suitable for uneven terrain

This bike has fixed gear, and that makes it very difficult to ride on uneven trails. If you plan on touring routes that have many up and down hills, you should reconsider your choice of bicycle.


If you want a bike that can serve you within a city, you should get a Retrospec bicycle. In this review, we have explained one of the best Retrospec bicycles available. The Retrospec Mantra Fixie is designed for commuting purposes, and it will serve your needs. If you are convinced this is the product for you, you should buy it. Cheers!