10 Best Bicycle Lights On Amazon

best bicycle lights amazon

For safety and better visibility when riding your bike in the dark, you need a durable bicycle light. There are actually two types of light for bikes, one is used to provide light on the road to see what is ahead of you, while the other is specifically made for you to be seen by … Read more

4 Best Foldable Bicycle Locks in 2021

foldable bicycle locks

According to bike statistics, over 2 million bikes are stolen each year in North America. This means every 30 seconds, someone’s bicycle goes missing.  With the ease of lockdown through national states as a result of the drop in the pandemic Covid-19, the risk for bike safety keeps increasing, hiking the need for every cyclist … Read more

3 Best Cycling Cameras in 2021

Best Camera For Cycling

You are planning to buy a camera to record your cycling adventure? That’s the right choice. But before you set out in purchasing one, you will actually be needing some tips and a well-detailed guideline on how and where to get the best ones and for a fair price. Ranging from the need to record … Read more

3 Best Bicycle Torque Wrenches of 2021

best torque wrench for bicycles

“Own an umbrella, you don’t know when the rainy day comes knocking”. That phase is closely related to cycling as you don’t need to wait till your bicycle breaks down before you start looking for a torque wrench. Except you always want to keep throwing in some cash to the repairman for maintenance. A torque … Read more

3 Best Cycling Gloves 2021

best cycling gloves 2021

Tour Rides and Trail adventures are beautiful experiences, so good that we tend to get carried away its euphoria to the extent of forgetting that there are basic requirements for cycling. One of those basic items is gloves. A pair of the right Cycling Gloves have the ability to strengthen your athletic ability, boost your … Read more

3 Best Sunglasses for Cyclists in 2021

RAPHA PRO TEAM FULL FRAME GLASSES Check Latest Price SUNGOD VELANS FF Check Latest Price OAKLEY FLIGHT JACKET PRIZM ROAD Check Latest Price We all know that the recent market is flooded with so many manufacturers trying to compete, which is a good thing in terms of price. The negative side effect is that the ... Read more

3 Best Chamois Creams in 2021

chamois cream cycling

Sincerely speaking, the first time I heard about the chamois cream, I was lost in a dark web of Ignorance. As a newbie in cycling, I never knew what this cream stands for, what it could be used for, how to spot genuine ones in the market, and which brand gives the best. I ended … Read more

3 Best Bike Trainer Tires in 2021

best bike trainer tires

Bike Trainer is a piece of incorporated equipment, attached to your bicycle on its rear axle with strong fittings to the ground and a roller against your tires, with the aim of turning your road bike into a stationary bike for indoor training. Gone are the days, that you will have to earn some bruises … Read more

4 Best Bicycle Water Bottles in 2021

Bike Water Bottles

All set to kick off for a ride? Then you realize that there is something that is missing from your bicycle tour carriage; a bike water bottle. This could sound way too easy and simple; it is just a water bottle why the concern? You might be wondering why you should take in so much … Read more

7 Best Budget Backpacking Tents in 2021

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Check Latest Price REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Check Latest Price Zpacks Duplex Check Latest Price Backpacking tents are essential when you are taking a hike or taking a trip into the woods, but they are mostly heavy and require a lot of space to pack. With the ... Read more

4 Best Bicycle Cleaning Kits 2021

best bicycle cleaning kit

Hope you wouldn’t mind if I asked if you have taken your bath today? That sounds hilariously annoying, right? Your body is as much a priority to you as your personal hygiene. Care kits, exfoliating formulas, you wouldn’t want to be seen unfresh. But do you devote as much time as you do to yourself … Read more

3 Best Bike Helmet Cameras in 2021

best bike helmet camera

The essence of carrying a bike helmet camera is to ensure your safety, as well as to capture happenings around the environment as you embark on rides. Some helmet cameras are fitted with GPS which helps keep track of your tours and location, as well as your exact spot. Irrespective of the amazing nature of … Read more

4 Best Bicycle Saddlebags in 2021

best bicycle saddlebags

A saddlebag is a pair of covered pouches directly fitted to the back of your Bicycle, hanging over the rear wheel and slightly beneath your bike seat/saddle. Starting from the ancient times of horse riding to the advanced age of speed racing and bike cycling, saddlebags are an essential carry-on for riders. These bags come … Read more

5 Best Bike CO2 Inflators in 2021

best co2 inflator

It is a dire need for every cyclist to get his deflated tire pumped up, at a faster rate. The need to avoid being stranded on the road has made it a necessary ordeal for every cyclist to ride along with a CO2 inflator. Unfortunately, there are different CO2 inflators in the Market, thousands of … Read more

10 Best Bike Bag in 2021

BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers Check Latest Price BV Strap-On Bike Bag Check Latest Price Ortlieb Unisex's Seat Pack Check Latest Price In recent times bikepacking has become incredibly popular, and now more than ever, people are strapping gears onto their bikes and going on their adventures. Getting a bike bag is one of the ... Read more

10 Best Electric Bike Pumps in 2021

electric bike pumps

It can be very frustrating to experience a puncture as a bike owner. And it is very straightforward to say that the situation becomes easy when you have an electric bike pump to rectify the problem. Getting an electric bike pump can be your life saviour especially when you experience a puncture in the middle … Read more

4 Best Commuter Bike Tires in 2021

commuter bike tires

You could be asking which tire goes well for your commute Bike. For newbies, you might not even know what a commuter bike is, or how its tires are constructed to look like, anything could be nothing for you. A commuter bike is a bicycle designed with a simple frame, slim tires basically used for … Read more

5 Best Bike Floor Pumps in 2021

best bike floor pump 2021

Bike floor pumps are one of the most essential, necessary tools to own if you would love to effectuate your bike maintenance personally.Bike floor pumps are basically designed to help serve a very simple purpose of inflating your bike tires. These floor pumps provide more high air pressure than other portable pumps. Floor pumps mostly … Read more

6 Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps in 2021

best mountain bike shock pump

Owning a shock pump is certainly one of the best things every mountain biker should do before going for a ride, as it is absolutely necessary for every mountain bike owner. This is absolutely true because you cannot adjust the pressure in your shock or fork without having a shock pump on the occasion that … Read more

6 Best Winter Cycling Gears in 2021

winter cycling gears

Cold weather conditions shouldn’t stop your passion for Cycling, but you need an effective winter gear before you step out in such conditions. Riding out in winter could sound like an amazing idea for adventure lovers, but this dare could turn sour if you are not properly equipped. Harsh wind currents, frostbites, you wouldn’t want … Read more