3 Best Cycling Gloves 2021

Tour Rides and Trail adventures are beautiful experiences, so good that we tend to get carried away its euphoria to the extent of forgetting that there are basic requirements for cycling. One of those basic items is gloves.

A pair of the right Cycling Gloves have the ability to strengthen your athletic ability, boost your cycling potential, and grant you confidence as you are assured of safety.

The use of gloves shouldn’t be overlooked. From enhancing grips, preventing hand slips, hand protection against crash, and more importantly, you need them for wipe offs whenever your nose itches in the middle of a ride.

During rides, your hands can become sweaty. The sweaty hands are usually predominant in riders with excessive secretion of anti-diuretic hormones (ADH). The excessive secretion of ADH causes sweaty palms. This is not a disease actually, just some random occurrences in the human body. Your hands can also get sweaty as you pedal on a hot day.
Sweaty hands could pose a threat to your rides, as you will find it difficult to hold your bike handles firmly. You wouldn’t want to lose balance while riding down a hill with your mountain bike.

Most gloves are fitted with padded palms that don’t just offer extra comfort by absorbing the pressure emanating from your bike handle as you ride but also helps in absorbing sweat that emanate from your palms.

Gloves also protect your hands from cuts, bruises, or even abrasions from long rides and constant bumps. The frictional effect between handle grips and the handlebar can cause abrasions and sore holes between your thumb and the index finger.

Sincerely speaking, no one prays for a crash, nor do we plan for one. But accidents tend to happen. Most are unintentional, some could be as a result of over-speeds. Not being able to prevent an accident is a factor but not being able to protect yourself against one is a greater factor.

Gloves help you prevent accidents by ensuring safe grips at all times, they also help reduce the amount of damage on your hands during an accident. With a good glove on your palm, you have some assurance against Cycling hazards.

Finally, you need a glove for a snow ride. Don’t catch a flu while cycling in the cold.

However, irrespective of the benefits of having a glove, there are different specifications and glove brands in the market.
Some are padded, some are half fingers, others are full fingers. You could get confused trying to place a comparison between different gloves and in the end, you resort to your instincts to making a choice for you. Our instincts are not usually lucky with purchasing gadgets and items that we have little or no knowledge about.

I will be offering 5 best Cycling Gloves in the market and features that make them outstanding. The ranking of these gloves as the best is based on their quality, customer reviews, and high demand in the market.

Moreok Shock Absorbing Breathable Cycling Motorcycle/ Bicycle Gloves

This glove is padded with an extra thickened 5mm gel SBR pad on its palm, a non-ship silicon surface material, to play a major role in absorbing shock and preventing your fingers from going numb.

Its thickened padding is made breathable as Moreok cycling gloves are constructed with high elastic Lycra making it easy for air to pass through them keeping your hands cool as you ride.

Moreok gloves are designed with an anti-slip component on its palm area, a widened Velcro elastic fiber patch on its wrist part, to avoid slips and ensure firm grips irrespective of the speed level you embark on.
Resistant Soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t wear off easily, absorbs sweat swiftly, and can be used as your self attached handkerchief to wipe off sweat it gives yourself a nose scratch whenever necessary.

This unisex half finger give comes with an adjustable wrist Velcro, giving your palm a soft firm wrap void of bulkiness or excessive stiffening for your personalized comfort.

Excessively tight hand gloves can inflict pain on your hands to the extent of giving you marks after a sunny ride.

These Gloves come with a 1-year warranty assurance, different sizes; small, medium, and extra-large.

Available on Amazon at a cool price of $15.99



LukoBike Cycling Gloves

LukoBike Cycling Gloves have exclusive 4 zone shock pads which act as extra padding that absorbs vibrations during rides, reduces pressure from bumps and diminishes constraints on your nerves to avoid hand injuries and numbness.

These unisex half finger gloves are breathable; constructed with Lycra which is stretchable allowing permeation of air, creating a feeling of moistness to your fingers with drying features to avoid your gloves from getting damp.

Micro Suede Palm for Ultimate grip holds to ensure stable rides and comfortable balance, soft absorbing towel cloth fitted to the globe thumb that makes it way easier to wipe away sweat.

Its streamline hook and pull-tab closure at the cuff, making the gloves super comfortable in fitting and also easy to pull out without compromising blood flow on your fingers or tearing the glove material either.

The gloves also come in different sizes.
It is necessary you carefully take measurement of your palm, finger widths, and circumferences before ordering one.

Price of Amazon = $15.95



Fox Dirtypaw 2021 Gloves

Unlike the first two gloves, this one comes with stretch polyester. As a polyester glove, you are sure of durability, as polyester materials have the advantage of strong natural fibers that are resistant to wind, water, and minimal tears. Polyester gloves also make it easy to drain out sweat accumulated from rides.

Fox Dirty Paw 2020 gloves like heavy-duty military gloves. Fitted with armored knuckles which act as extra padding with a single layer clarino, silicone print covering at its fingertips, Neoprene cuff, hook, and loop wrist closure.

Fox Racing actually meshed in professionalism in the production of this glove.
The glove comes in different sizes with recommendations for trail and cross-country rides.
Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty.
Amazon Price; $27.95

fox racing 2020 dirtpaw gloves