Best Apps for Biking


Technological advancement is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. Technology helps us move around faster, connect with our loved ones faster and live more comfortable lives. Even though sports and outdoor activities are majorly physical activities, technology still plays a very important role in making any game more regulated, comfortable, and enjoyable. In soccer, the incorporation of the popular goal-line technology and Video-assistant referees have been a game-changer for the sport. No sport is left out, and if you are a cycler, you should know that technology has something for you. Many cyclers have been known to use phone apps to improve their tracking and performance. In this article, we will show you some of the best apps used by cyclers and their trainers today. Enjoy!

Best Apps for Biking

Below are some of the best apps for cyclers. Check them out!


Strava is a popular fitness app for all athletes. This app is uniquely designed to help you track different kinds of workouts. If you are a runner, cycler, hiker, bodybuilder, and so on, this app shows you measurable progress and results. One wonderful thing about Strava is that it also allows you to track the progress of fellow athletes. It operates as a social network for athletes where anybody can post their workout log, and then other athletes comment and are motivated to improve on their routines.

Wahoo fitness

The Wahoo Fitness app is a versatile training app that allows you to track your running and cycling progress. This app is uniquely designed to work with your phone and pair up with other Wahoo accessories like heart rate sensors, AnT sensors, speed sensors, and so on. This app also supports Bluetooth, and it can pull data from other training apps like Strava, MapMyFitness, and Training Peaks.


If you are looking for an app that helps you plan every detail of your route, you should download Komoot. This app is uniquely designed to help you map a suitable route based on how you want to ride. It gives you the finest details of your routes while providing you with audio navigation. You can also upload images of your adventures and share them with the Komoot community.


Most fitness trainers and athletes prefer to use sports apps that have a wide range of applications. However, if you want something uniquely made for cyclers, then you should try out the Cyclemeter. This app is quite complicated, and it is designed with a more complicated interface. It tracks your map, records, maps and then gives you this information in graphs and tables; you can see your exercise ‘stock’ rise or fall.

Google maps

Google is the king of the internet because they have something for everyone. You are certainly not new to Google maps, and you probably already know how it works. If you are riding on a route for the first time, Google maps help you chart your course from start to finish. It


This app works similarly to google maps. It is designed to offer you easy map routing and sharing. The information contains a detailed routes overview, elevation statistics, incline rating ad so on. It is important to note that this app does not actively track your workout progress.

Training Peaks

If you just started working out (or you are ready to take it seriously) and looking for an app that can help you plan and keep you on track, this is the perfect app for you. This planning tool is designed to help athletes plan single daily workouts and track long term progress. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your daily progress. Although this app might be the best for planning workouts, it is not designed as a social community. You cannot get external motivation directly from the app.


If you love mountain biking or want to get into it, you should download Trailforks. This app is uniquely designed to curate trail data, and it currently has the largest database of mountain bike trails in the world. When you venture into the woods to hike or bike, you can go off track and get lost. With this app, mountain bikers can venture farther into the woods with the assurance that they will always find their way back. These bike trails also come in colors that signify their difficulty level; you can know which trail will be most comfortable for you before you ride out.


Relive is just like any other route mapping app. However, what sets it apart from the others is that it shows you these routes in 3D images. Relive is uniquely designed to allow you experience your track before you begin the race. Another wonderful feature of this app is the social community. You can post 3D images and videos of yourself on this app and also share them on your other social media platforms. This app also allows you to track a few metrics.

Zwift Companion

If you need an app with more relaxed features and fun features, you should download the zwift companion app. This app is uniquely designed to allow you to monitor and track your cycling progress (whether you are on the go or not). The app has an activity feed that allows you to see what other riders have been up to recently. It also allows you to map out routes, keep your goals feasible and connect with other riders.


If you are a cycler, then you should do everything possible to make sure you always perform at your peak. Cycling is very interesting, but it gets even better when you can comfortably track your progress, routes, physical responses, and so on. This article has shown you some of the highly-rated apps uniquely designed to help you become a better cycler. You can go ahead and download all of them. However, that will be a little much, and you might end up confused. We would advise that you take a closer look at these apps and decide which one(s) is best for you. Cheers!