6 Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps in 2021

Owning a shock pump is certainly one of the best things every mountain biker should do before going for a ride, as it is absolutely necessary for every mountain bike owner. This is absolutely true because you cannot adjust the pressure in your shock or fork without having a shock pump on the occasion that your bike has an air fork or a rear air shock. This is as a result of standard bike pumps not being able to provide enough pressure. Shock pumps are essentially needed for fine-tuning mountain bikes’ suspension.

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The market is full of dozens of incredible floor pumps from different manufacturers. Therefore, this makes it difficult for the average consumer to choose one when deciding for the best shock pump to settle for.

The Best Mountain Bike Shock Pumps of 2021

The purpose of this guide is to streamline your shopping experience by helping you with the best mountain bike shock pumps available presently.

best mountain bike shock pump

The shock pumps being included in this guide are the highest rated by mountain bikers. Mountain bike shock pumps should be precise, portable, easy-to-use, accurate, and durable.

Topeak Pocket Shock Pump


This pump is made with high-quality materials. It is a portable, lightweight pump of about 170g which makes it easily mobile.

Topeak shock pump is one of the best options for bikers needing just only one stun siphon for home and trail use. The shock pump is lighter and with a bigger number of highlights than other shock pumps of the same price range. The Topeak shock pump uses a pressure-rite connector for autonomous valve connection and needle commitment. This pressure-rite shock valve minimizes air loss during pumping, making it extremely easy to use.

The Shock Pump siphon’s head is affixed onto the outside of the stun’s air valve, which therefore packs the valve’s stick. Topeak Pocket Shock pump possesses a gauge that provides accurate pressure reading and uncomplicated air inflation for your front suspension fork and rear shock, and it delivers an accurate pressure measurement up to 360 psi. 

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Rockshox High-pressure Shock Pump


This shock pump is arguably one of the best bike pumps available. It is constructed excellently to handle the highest capacity air shocks, it provides air pressure of 600PSI as its maximum capacity.

The hose installed on this is very detailed and the pump system is excellently accurate even at lower or colder temperatures.

The above-mentioned Rockshox shock pump has a bleed valve, which makes it exceedingly great for fine-tuning. The hose is flexible enough and is connected through a swivel joint, making it completely easy to use. You can easily get yours from the link below.


Fox High-pressure Shock Pump


This product from Fox is among the first to initiate the bleed valves and pressure levels of up to 300psi. Fox High Pressure is also one of the first to preface the low volume cylinder. High volume cylinders are used by mostly every bike pump. These are enormous for low-pressure applications. However, for high volume applications, they are always difficult to pump compared to other shock pumps. They get tougher as the volume of PSI increases. Low volume cylinders are the best for pumping high pressure.

Despite different shock pumps with more technically advanced features entering the market, the Fox High-Pressure Shock Pump still remains one of the chartbusters among the available shock pump on Amazon.
You can shop for the highly-rated Fox Shock Pump below:


Giyo High-pressure Shock Pump for fork and rear suspension


This pump is portable, precise, and durable. This is a pump every expert biker would love to own. This shock pump appears to mostly back everything needed by a biker. The stun siphon arrives at absolute accuracy, with a check that is anything but tough to analyze. It has a drain valve for regulating the suspension to exactly how you need it and provides a maximum pressure of 300PSI.

The highlighted aspect about the siphon installed on this shock pump is the ‘Weight Custom’ connector. The ‘Weight Custom’ utilizes a two-section association component with autonomous connections for the needle and valve, effectuating no air misfortune during siphoning. This makes this siphon very easy to utilize.

The convenience provided by the ‘Weight Custom’ is supported by the turning hose, which makes it easy to join to the back stun valve.
Have a look at the Giyo shock pump for fork and rear suspension below:

giyo shock pump


Birzmann Zacoo Macht Shock Pump


The Zacoo Macht is a portable and plausible helpful shock pump to take along when going for a ride or as an addition to a mobile tool kit.
The 84g weight of this pump is one of its highlight anecdotes, conserving approximately 124g over the popular suspension brand pumps. The pump offers quality and solid feel in the hand as it is made up of CNCed alloy, making it durable. It provides one with a maximum pressure capacity of 300PSI.

The Air-Lock valve adaptor fastens onto an intertwined Schrader valve on the shock in one facile step and also observes the same step disconnecting system. The Air-Lock valve adaptor is constructed to minimize air loss when disconnecting the valve from the shock.

In the interest of simplicity, the high-pressure rubber hose does not swivel and is maintained short. This may result in fitment problems with some rear shocks where valve passage is taut. You can get yours below:

birzman shock pump


Rambo R107 Buzzy’s pollinator shock pump


Every mountain biker would love to get this shock pump. It has in it a maximum pressure of 300PSI for front suspension tires. It also possesses all the attractive features a typical pump would have.

Owing to the simplicity of this pump one can easily arrive at the maximum pressure. The Rambo R107 has an in-built anti-leak cuck which helps reduces air loss when inflating. It also has a pressure-release valve which is mostly known as ‘bleed valve’ to get let out unwanted pressure.

The whole part of this pump is fully built to help streamline its usage. It houses an enormous pressure gauge, making it user-friendly and accurate. You can easily get yours in the link below:


So, those are our top recommendations for the best mountain bike shock pump. You can click the attached links to get yours. If you think there is a better shock pump for bicycles that we didn’t mention. Please let us know in the comment.