What Are Some Good Avenir Bike Pumps?

Different strokes for different folks, but some strokes are never to be neglected by anyone because of its goodness.

Avenir bike pumps have through its press inconsistency remained an amazing brand in the Bicycle pump and a standard for good quality.


In 1887, Frank Bowden bought off a company that is now popularly known as Raleigh Bicycle Company. Frank’s doctor gave him a prescription which got related to his health, probably I could say deteriorating, and his need to ride a bicycle, hopefully for cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory aids.


Frank Bowden didn’t just go about purchasing any Bicycle in the market but he advanced to buying off shares which earned him the company and advancing to producing Bicycles and its related products to suit the maximum quality he had in mind.


With speed tracked manufacturing process, by 1913 Raleigh Bicycle Company became the largest Bicycle manufacturing company in the world.

Raleigh bicycles through the initiative of Frank Bowden were designed around one simple huge idea; ‘make them really, really fun’. This idea inspired each of their first bikes made from 1887 to date.


This idea still continues to be the source of inspiration for how things are done, manufacturing carried out, designs and specifications, all to keep at this goal. Raleigh Bicycle Company sees that the overall essence of all human beings is to be happy; have fun and be happy. And they’ve been working tirelessly for up to 133 years now to make sure that their customers and users of their bicycles and its related products drop reviews confirming their happiness and satisfaction.

This large company became the house for the popular brand ‘Avenir’.

Avenir now stands out as a spectacular brand for good bicycles of all kinds; Hybrid Bicycles, Mountain Bicycles, racing Bicycle, road bicycles, and lots more.

Ranging from its production of safety Bicycle and kits, Avenir brand has remained a symbol for safety rides through schools, roads, markets, and even tours, all by producing efficient packs which include bicycle pumps to achieve this aim.

It will be nice you get accustomed to some good Avenir bicycle pumps in the market, and possibly add them up to your shopping list for next time you’ll be grabbing the cart.

Avenir Bike Pumps Alternative

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avenir bike pump


1. Avenir Dual Mini Pump

Are you in need of a mini Bicycle pump that can pump all types of Bicycle? Although Avenir mini Dual Mini Pump works perfectly with mountain bikes and Bicycle that are kind of bigger in its tire’s diameter and require less pressure to run effectively.

Avenir Dual Mini pump is a lightweight portable hand pump sold at over $13 in Amazon, working on a single-action pistol with an 8 inches aluminum barrel that perfectly fits into your pocket.

It is specifically designy with a dual head to fit into either a Presta or a Schrader valve simultaneously.

However, if you are in need of a mini bike pump for cheap money and a good value to act as a support for your floor pump, then an Avenir dual mini-pump could be your choice.

2. Avenir Air source 1990 Floor Bike Pump

Avenir Air source 1900 floor Bike pump is a power-packed pressure pump from the legendary Raleigh accessory line.

With a two-way pumping action ( double stroke piston mechanism), a 10 inch long aluminum barrel, this floor pump delivers a considerable amount of pressure at a faster rate.

Dual head fittings for Presta and Schrader valves, a mounting bracket, and a gauge to enable precise pressure inflation, this comes in handy for sports cycling or commute rides.

This floor Bike pump seems to be a slight variation to the Avenir Airsource Sport Floor Bike Pump and the Avenir Airsource 2X Bicycle Floor pump, all having the ability to deliver a maximum of 160 PSI to Bicycle tires.

3. Avenir Airsource 2X Floor Pumps

You heard the reverse idiom “What works for the goose could work for the gander”? Yeah, that’s this pump.

It delivers great pressure at a slight pump or push (less pressure applied), making it easy for customers with little attend in their arms or special needs to pump their tires effectively with pain, muscle strains, or hitches (excessive manual labor).

With a high pressure reaching 160 PSI, yet at a quicker rate, an easy to read gauge, Ball needle, and pin stored in to assist your need for pumping your balls, Avenir Airsource 2X floor pump wouldn’t just rank as a good pump but one of the best Avenir pumps.

Having a length of 22 inches, with an all-steel barrel, a universal head that perfectly fits into Presta and Schrader valves without the need for adaptors or connectors and an ergonomic handle for a perfect and cool grip.

With a package weight of 3.6 pounds, the Avenir 2X pump has been known to even pump air into car tires.

So if you are in need of a good high-end pump, then this should be your perfect choice.

4. Avenir Airsource 1X Floor Bike Pump

An easy to use, good product for a cheaper price kind of bike pump is the Avenir Airsource 1x floor Bike pump.

It is fitted in with a universal pump head. This pump head is designed in the dual state that it connects and fits into both a Schrader or Presta valve without having to pull anyone out.

It has an easy to read gauge, fitted at the foot of the pump so as to note how much of air pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI) is going into your tire.

At the side of the barrel is attached your ball needles and cone for use during the inflation of your basketballs, footballs, handballs, volleyballs, etc.

Overall, Good Avenir bike pumps are known for their durability in product design, high-pressure release, ease in inflation, fast inflation, and less energy for pumping.

Most times, there are additional bonuses as to upgrade tools, replacement parts in each pump, or preferably a warranty to affirm its quality in case of damage.

All these are to stick to the goal of Raleigh Bicycle Company of delivering Bicycle related products for your happiness.