Can I Pump up a Basketball With a Bike Pump?

Can I Pump up a Basketball With a Bike Pump

Basketball game remains one of the world’s most played and enjoyed game, but it becomes so boring playing with a flat ball. Nevertheless, playing with a ball that has so much air in it leaves you with too much bounce, hindering you from effectively displaying all the skills you’ve got. Therefore, it’s necessary you pump … Read more

How Should I Pump Air Into Bicycle Tyres?

How should I pump air into bicycle tyres

This sounds funny, right? You are probably asking yourself, Does this mean I cannot pump air into my bicycle tyres? Or are there special and recommended ways of doing so. The article doesn’t just cover the random pump in and out Procedure you might be doing with a bicycle pump, but all other factors you … Read more

Are CO2 Bikes Pump Any Good?

are co2 bike pumps any good

CO2 Bike Pumps are an alternative to the more conventional and common bike pumps. It is said that the use of CO2 as inflators surfaced sometime between the two world wars. But the exact history of it is not very clear. CO2 gas pumps are most commonly used by mountain bikers as well as road … Read more

Will a Bike Pump Air up a Car Tire?

can a bike pump air up car tire

Sometimes the unexpected happens and as it is there are always random solutions to major problems. You got home late yesterday and realized the following morning that your car tire is so low and you can’t even make it to a gas station near you. How then will you air up your car tire? Suddenly … Read more

Which is better – Presta or Schrader valve?

which is better presta or schrader valve

Many valve types have been invented since the invention of pneumatic tires. But for bikes mainly, Presta and Schrader are still in use. The Presta Valve is the slimmer of the two and it is a bit more complex to use because it uses a lock nut rather than a spring for closure. Originally, Presta … Read more

How Long Do Bike Pumps Last?

how long does bike pump lasts

This question is an expected one that most bike owners will come to ask when they first purchase a bike pump or maybe when they are just about to purchase it. The answer is, Bike Pumps last very well. Yes, for long periods of time if you handle them well and know your way around … Read more

Where Can I Find Cheap Bikes?

where to find cheap bikes

Who would have thought that a two-wheeled and metal bicycle can cost so much? Like, it is a well-known fact that brand new bicycles actually cost a lot. When you are on a financial budget, the last thing you want to do is squander up to $50,000 on a bike! Also, there is a very … Read more

What Are Some Good Avenir Bike Pumps?

avenir bike pumps 2021

Different strokes for different folks, but some strokes are never to be neglected by anyone because of its goodness. Avenir bike pumps have through its press inconsistency remained an amazing brand in the Bicycle pump and a standard for good quality. HISTORY OF AVENIR BIKE PUMPS  In 1887, Frank Bowden bought off a company that … Read more

What Is The Best Bike Pump On Amazon?

what is the best bike pump on Amazon

Owning a bike has is never really an amazing experience completely without having a bike pump. Let’s save you the stress of searching for the best bike pump on Amazon 2021. Maintaining the appropriately pressures in your tires is very essential for ensuring a smooth your through the neighborhood or down a mountain smoother and … Read more

How Much is a Bike Pump at Target Market?

how much is bike pump at Target

Owning a bike pump has become a necessity for every cyclist but the question always thrown before any purchase is “How much can I get a bike pump at the Target Market“? The usage of Bicycles has been to be hitting its increase globally as each day goes by, considering the clamouring for greenhouse and … Read more

What Kind Of Bike Pump Do I Need?

what kind of bike pump should i get

When thinking of the right type of bike pump to use to pump your bike tires, a little bit of confusion might creep into your mind. This is because there are so many types of bike pumps that are available for your bike tires. Having so many options will eventually lead to confusion for bike … Read more

Can You Pump Bike Tires at Gas Stations?

can you pump bike tires at a gas station

Pumping your bike tires is a very necessary process for every cyclist that owns a bike. So, it is normal to ask a question such as the one you asked. You have probably cycled past the front of a gas station and thought in your head if the air compressors that you saw on the … Read more

Can I Pump Up a Bike Tire With a Ball Pump?

how to pump bike tire with ball pump

“Nothing is impossible”. That’s a popular adage around town. But is this applicable in all scenarios? Is it possible to pump up a bike tire with just a ball pump? It isn’t known when the main bike pump was invented, however, it is accepted to have been in or around 1887, which is the point … Read more

How Much Does Fuel Injector Replacement Cost in a Bike?

how much does a fuel injector cost

Knowing the exact amount of quality fuel injector may seem quite tedious. There are many things to be considered when buying your fuel injectors for either your cars or bikes. However, fuel injectors are in different variations, and on this blog post, we’ll be treating the fuel injectors on bikes. The basic amount of fuel … Read more

How Do You Pump Up a Bike Tire Without a Pump?

how do you pump up a bike tire without a pump

Having a flat tire when the nearest bike shop closest to you is actually miles apart or when you do not have a pump to help inflate his or her bike, could be aggravating. Bike riders who abide by most of the customary rules of cycling always have a pump with them. Those who possess … Read more

Do you carry CO2 or a manual pump for flats on your road bike?

Do you carry CO² or a manual pump for flats on your road bike?

Preparing ahead of flat tire incident on the road, an important question every cyclist should ask is “CO² or manual pumps, which is the best option for my road bicycle trip”? As early as 1649, Otto Von Guericke invented the first manual air pump. This pump was initially known as the spool vacuum sir pump … Read more

How Much Does A Bike Pump Cost?

cost of bike pump

So, you have a bicycle and you need to get a bike pump for when the need arises. And so, you are looking at the possible costs of bike pumps in sales stores. Well, we will help you solve a large percentage of that problem in this article. We will be looking at different price … Read more

Where Can I Buy A Bike Pump?

where you can get bike pumps from

A bike pump is a type of pump that you can use to inflate your bicycle tires. Bike pumps come in all types and of different specifications. A bicycle pump works with the principle of positive air displacement. The valves, the adapters, the pumps, and other parts in a bike pump, all come together to … Read more