How Should I Pump Air Into Bicycle Tyres?

How should I pump air into bicycle tyres

This sounds funny, right? You are probably asking yourself, Does this mean I cannot pump air into my bicycle tyres? Or are there special and recommended ways of doing so. The article doesn’t just cover the random pump in and out Procedure you might be doing with a bicycle pump, but all other factors you … Read more

What Kind Of Bike Pump Do I Need?

what kind of bike pump should i get

When thinking of the right type of bike pump to use to pump your bike tires, a little bit of confusion might creep into your mind. This is because there are so many types of bike pumps that are available for your bike tires. Having so many options will eventually lead to confusion for bike … Read more

Do you carry CO2 or a manual pump for flats on your road bike?

Do you carry CO² or a manual pump for flats on your road bike?

Preparing ahead of flat tire incident on the road, an important question every cyclist should ask is “CO² or manual pumps, which is the best option for my road bicycle trip”? As early as 1649, Otto Von Guericke invented the first manual air pump. This pump was initially known as the spool vacuum sir pump … Read more

How Do You Pump Up a Bike Tire Without a Pump?

how do you pump up a bike tire without a pump

Having a flat tire when the nearest bike shop closest to you is actually miles apart or when you do not have a pump to help inflate his or her bike, could be aggravating. Bike riders who abide by most of the customary rules of cycling always have a pump with them. Those who possess … Read more

Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator Review

pro bike tool co2 inflator

Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator is an incredibly fast machine used to inflate a tire in seconds. It saves time and efforts expended when using manual pumps. CO2 inflators generally are portable, light and compact machines, that use compressed gas to inflate tubes quickly. They are portable enough to be easily stashed in a pocket … Read more

What is The Best Road Bike Air Pump?

what is the best road bike air pump

The best road bike air pump is the pump that hits perfect ratings for bike pumps. Having said this in a jiffy, do you think there are still reasons why you should read on? It takes a lot of analysis to qualify a bike pump to be the best. There are always arguments, strong debates … Read more

What Bicycle Pump Do You Need For a Press Valve?

bike pump press valve

First, we should know what a Presta valve is before we dive into anything at all. In biking terms, there are two major types of valves. They are the Schrader valves and the Presta valves. There is a third type of valve that you will find if you travel to a country like the Netherlands … Read more