What Bicycle Pump Do You Need For a Press Valve?

bike pump press valve

First, we should know what a Presta valve is before we dive into anything at all. In biking terms, there are two major types of valves. They are the Schrader valves and the Presta valves. There is a third type of valve that you will find if you travel to a country like the Netherlands … Read more

What is The Best Road Bike Air Pump?

what is the best road bike air pump

The best road bike air pump is the pump that hits perfect ratings for bike pumps. Having said this in a jiffy, do you think there are still reasons why you should read on? It takes a lot of analysis to qualify a bike pump to be the best. There are always arguments, strong debates … Read more

Does My Bike Have Presta or Schrader Valves?

does my bike have presta or schrader valves

Presta and Schrader’s valves are the two major types of bike valves. They are totally different from each other and you as a cyclist should know which one your bike has. Presta valves are found on most road bikes. Most tubular and inner tubes on road bikes use Presta valves. It is slim, light and … Read more