What Bicycle Pump Do You Need For a Press Valve?

First, we should know what a Presta valve is before we dive into anything at all. In biking terms, there are two major types of valves. They are the Schrader valves and the Presta valves. There is a third type of valve that you will find if you travel to a country like the Netherlands or in some parts of Asia. This type of valve is called the Wood/Dunlop valve.

If you have a bike already, then you probably know what a Presta valve is. But in case you do not know, we will explain. Bike valves play a very huge role in the success of your riding journey. Let’s look at the definition of the two major types of valves first.

A Presta valve is a narrower type of valve than the Schrader valve. The Presta valve is usually made out of pure metal. Presta valves are tapered to the top and some of them are threaded. Presta valves are more likely to be found on high-end bikes and expensive mountain bikes. These bikes that Presta valves are found on, also tend to have narrow rims. Unlike the springs that are found on Schrader valves, Presta valves usually have a manual lock-nut which they work with. Presta valves don’t use a check valve. It seals on its own based on the amount of pressure in the tire. The core of a Presta valve is also removable both in a tube and tubeless tire systems.

A Schrader valve, on the other hand, is a wider type of valve that is commonly found on bikes with wide rims and is also the type of valve that you will find on automobiles such as car tires. Schrader valves are usually found on inexpensive bikes. Schrader valves usually make use of a spring to allow for inflation into the tires.

So, let’s get to the main point of why you’re here.

What type of bike pump do you need for a Presta valve?

The type of pump that a Presta valve needs is one that has the Presta valve nozzle. If your pump does not have the Presta valve nozzle, you can get a Presta valve adapter from your local bike retail store. Your regular air pump can also work on a Presta valve. There are pumps that are in the market that are designed to fit only Presta valves. These pumps usually have rubber gaskets on their heads that will fit so perfectly on a Presta valve. These rubber gaskets will not fit on a Schrader valve. And there are also pumps that are designed to fit only Schrader valves as well. These Schrader-only bike pumps will have a pin in the center of their head, this pin will depress the Schrader’s valve. This type of pump will not fit on a Presta valve.

There are also dual-head designed bike pumps. These types of bike pumps are very modern and will fit the two types of valve types. So, if you have a dual-head bike pump, you don’t need an adapter for your Presta valve. The dual-head designed bike pumps come in three types.

Twin Head Design: This type of pump design is usually found on some floor pumps. This type of dual-head design has a head that features separate gaskets for the Schrader valve and the Presta valve.

Swappable Head Design: This type of dual-head pump design is usually found on some types of minibike pumps as well as frame pumps. The head of this Swappable Head has a gasket in its head that has a conical hole.

Adjustable Head Design: This type of dual-head pump design is the most modern and the most common type of dual-head. You don’t have to swap any internal parts to use this pump. The two heads fit the Presta and Schrader valves. All you have to do is, but the head of the respective valve on the valve itself, flip the lever and start to pump your tire. Simple.

So, with all this information we have given you on the types of pumps available for you to use on for your Presta valve, you really should know what to do now. The analysis we gave above, just goes to show that there are different options for your Presta valve. You can buy the Presta-only pumps, the dual-head pumps, or just get an adapter that will fit your normal bike air pump and start pumping!

Two Recommendations of Presta Valve Bike Pumps On Amazon

There are good Presta Valve bike pumps available on Amazon for you to choose from. We will be recommending some of them below;

Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump with Gauge

This floor pump is suited solely for the Presta valve. It costs $34.21 on Amazon currently. This bike pump has another advantage, it automatically switches to Schrader! So, it is a dual purpose. This Floor pump also comes with a pocket-sized glueless puncture kit. You can visit the link below to check out the product on Amazon.



PRO Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump

This mini pump costs $27.79 on Amazon currently. It fits both Presta and Schrader valves. This mini pump will help you pump your bike with the Presta valve. It has been described by its manufacturers as very light, mini and compact. It will fit your biking jersey very easily. Click the link below to check the product price on Amazon.



In conclusion, follow our explanation and read this article thoroughly to understand the answer to your question.