How Much Does Fuel Injector Replacement Cost in a Bike?

Knowing the exact amount of quality fuel injector may seem quite tedious. There are many things to be considered when buying your fuel injectors for either your cars or bikes.

However, fuel injectors are in different variations, and on this blog post, we’ll be treating the fuel injectors on bikes.

The basic amount of fuel injectors simply varies from at least $100 depending on the fuel injectors you’re looking forward to buying.

Before we dive deep into this blog post I’ll assume you don’t know anything about fuel injectors and will treat it as basic as I could. I’m not a prof in the topic but here’s what I found out in my course of getting information about fuel injectors.

What is a fuel injector?

According to the Merriman dictionary, a fuel injector is a valve mechanism that sprays liquid fuel intermittently into the cylinder of a diesel.
A fuel injector is part of an engine that delivers and sprays fuel received from the fuel delivery system into the fuel engine. A fuel injector pumps fuel at very high pressure into the engine. There’s basically one fuel per cylinder that pumps into the engine. Fuel injectors in bikes are used as a replacement for carburetors.

What are the different types of fuel injectors?

Note that the variations of fuel injectors in bikes differ from cars. The different variations in bikes are the single point fuel injection system and the throttle body fuel injection system. Single-point injections are systems that have a single injector, or a group of injectors clustered together in one, usually centralized spot on the intake manifold.
Throttle body injection (TBI) is a fuel injector that delivers fuel to a certain location in which an injector delivers fuel to a central location within the intake manifold of the engine.

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Reasons why fuel injectors fail?

Here are the basic reasons why a fuel injection system might fail or ought to fail.


Whenever you switch off your bike engine it leaves off fuel at the tip of the fuel injector. The fuel
will evaporate and leave hard substances behind which will definitely cause the fuel injector

Mechanical failure

It is basically known for wear and tear to take place on a mechanical part of a system or engine. Due to consistent running of the mechanical engine, there are times where basic breakdown and the fuel injector is not an exemption.

Leaking / Leakage

This is one of the most common fuel injector failures. This leakage is caused by the rubber at the tip of the injector. Either the rubber is flat, scratched, missing, or rust. This gives a high chance of having leakage in the fuel injector.

How much does a fuel injector cost?

Repairing or cleaning a fuel injector may seem quite right to do. However, I’ll advise you to replace your fuel injector with a new one. This only does not guarantee that you won’t be needing to solve the same problem over time but you’ll rest assured that you basically won’t have the same problem in the future.

A fuel injector can actually last a life span of your car or bike without being faulty, but just in case, you may have the need to replace yours. Click here to see the lowest price of a fuel injector to the highest price


I believe you’d have a basic understanding as to what and how much a fuel injector cost now and the basic types you can get for your bike.