Merida Reacto Team-E Review

Summary The Merida Reacto team-e custom has enchanted sport riders with its relentless speed, on asphalt completely as much as hardback and gravel. All speed riders who tried to push the tempo on rolling terrain and flat will find out what they are looking for out here, not minding that it implies forgoing an unnecessary … Read more

Merida Mission CX 8000 Review

INTRODUCTION The Merida mission CX 8000 is on a mission to impress its rider with its unique features, and we would be carefully stating them to see if you can get impressed to go on a mission to purchase it. It is not a typical or straightforward gravel bike, and it fits into a UCI-compliant … Read more

Liteville 4 – ONE MK 1 Review

Introduction A bike is one of the best things you can acquire for yourself. It is an excellent sign of self-love and almost everything you ever desire in a friend or colleague. It is always there for you in whatever way you need it. It can be used for transportation as a source of income … Read more

Lauf True Grit Review

Introduction Are you a cyclist? If yes, then are you current with new bike releases? If yes again, I bet you have heard of the leading gravel bike on the market; The Lauf True Grit. But in case you haven’t, maybe due to a busy schedule or any other reasons, or perhaps you have heard … Read more

Kona Libre AL Review

Introduction There are different types of bikes that you will get in the market, and they all serve different purposes. This diversify is a good thing because it won’t be possible that a single bike will ply all terrains that you decide on. One of such bikes that are well known because of its popular … Read more

Kona Libre and Kona Rova Review

Introduction Bikes seem to have made their way into the hearts of several men and women. People seem to be in love with bikes these days, so much that one of the most valuable gifts that get gifted to someone is a brand new bike. Nowadays, everyone wants to own and ride a bike. Bikes … Read more

Kinesis Tripster AT Gravel Bike Review

Introduction Bikes have made a significant impact on the world. This impact can be seen not only in the field of transportation but in other sectors such as sports, hiking, adventure riding, touring, and many others. Bikes have moved people, goods, and services very quickly. It includes the movement of items during home delivery. They … Read more

Goodyear Eagle F1 Roadbike Review

Introduction What’s a shiny new bike without the right type of tires? If you’re big on fancy vehicles, then you most likely know your wheels too. Tires are like the spine in every vehicle’s mechanism, be it a commercial automobile, a race car, or that old moose you use in your daily commute to work, … Read more

Giant TCX Advanced SX Review

INTRODUCTION Cyclocross bikes are a high choice among riders due to their ability to withstand the pressure of cyclocross races and look quite similar to road racing bikes. Unlike road bikes with high gears that provide high speeds for road racing, cyclocross bikes come with lower Gears that help move over uneven surfaces. Some riders … Read more

Giant TCR Advanced Pro Disc Review

INTRODUCTION What makes a bike stand out includes the level of versatility it offers, smooth riding experience and comfort even while on long rides. Giant is a bike brand that has set various standards with unique bike models that have consistently won over riders’ hearts. TCR stands for “Total Compact Road”, and since the introduction … Read more

Giant Revolt Advanced Pro-Force Review

Introduction Gravel bikes are one of the most used bikes used for adventures because of the features they have. Some people have compared road bikes and gravel bikes, and we think this is so because they don’t know the utility they serve. Road bikes are used mainly on roads, and the body has been designed … Read more

Fustle Causeway GR1 GravelBike Review

Introduction Bike riding isn’t just a kids thing anymore but also for teens and adults; it is for everyone. People, especially purists and baristas, love to ride bikes while sipping a coffee or delivering one; some use bikes to get groceries at the store, some run errands in their neighborhoods, while others explore other areas … Read more

Fuji SL 1.1 Review

INTRODUCTION Cycling as a sport or for leisure has been a part of us in recent years. Our love for adventures on the road drives us to ride on different terrains, of which we now have other bikes to suit these various terrains. Disc bikes are an excellent addition to all types of road bikes … Read more

Focus Paralane Review

INTRODUCTION Endurance bikes have come a long way to deliver bike performances that are much suited for their titles. With the advent of modern technology in their production, they endure more pressures from your rides on rougher terrains. Focus is a company that manufactures endurance bikes that should constantly be on your mind when looking … Read more

Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition Review

Introduction There are different types of bikes you can get in the market, and they all serve a purpose; and in addition to that, they get suited for a particular niche of persons. Looking at the Festka Space Odyssey, we can say that it has some similarities with the BMW i8. However, looking at similarities … Read more

Festka One Gravel Review

Introduction There are different kinds of gravel bikes that you can get in the market, and all of the brands that make them all claim to make the best in the market. However, there are different factors that you will have to consider before you make the purchase; the reason for this is to avoid … Read more

Felt Breed 20 Gravel Review

Introduction Riding a bike comes with many good things; you can easily pass through a narrow road that a bike won’t enable you to; you can transport yourself from one place to another with ease. You can even run a delivery business by delivering goods to people’s doorsteps, and most importantly you can decide to … Read more

Evil Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike Review

Introduction There are different types of bikes that you can get in the market. However, one of the most popular ones we have out there is the gravel bike. Unlike the road bike, the gravel isn’t used for competitions but is used for adventures rather. This can be attributed to the qualities that the bike … Read more

Crema Doma Review

Introduction Bikes can be seen as different things by different people with different points of view. An average man may see the bike as easy transportation from one place to another. A student may see the bike as a means of getting to school on time and quickly running around the neighborhood to say hello … Read more

Corratec CCT Evo eTap Review

Introduction Something is fascinating about bikes that can’t be comprehended. Whether it’s the ability to make transportation very easy despite having only two tires or its portability due to its small size is what no one can tell. However, people choose to have and love to own a bike because they find it fascinating and … Read more