EXEPT Allroad Review


When it comes to drop-handlebar bikes, there’s always a variety on the market. Bikes come in different forms, from road bikes to allroad bikes, gravel bikes, endurance bikes,aero bikes, and the likes. Whether you’re a road bike expert, cyclist, or simply a huge fan of bikes, there is always a wide range of bikes to select form. It’s all a matter of knowing the right kind of bike you need. In the past, most drop-bar bikes were designed with more emphasis on speed. In addition to such road bikes like cyclocross and touring bikes, there are now allroad bikes and gravel bikes. These can be your go to bike on the road and can be used on different types of off-road terrain. While there are different forms of road bikes suitable even on aggressive terrain, it is important to know which bike would serve you the best when deciding on a new bike.

Allroad Bikes

Road bikes tend to be lightweight and with more base stiffness. Such bikes are designed for fast smooth rides on tarmac. All-road bikes on the other hand are built for more unsteady terrain. Allroad bikes are now being designed with stiffness around the bottom bracket, and generally have wider tyre clearance. This puts the rider in a comfortable and relaxed position for longer rides down rough, off tarmac terrain. Like endurance road bikes, allroad bikes can also be used on smooth bituminous roads.

It is important to understand the geometry of any type or model of bike you’re going for. Whether it’s an allroad bike, gravel bike, or a road race bike, the geometry determines how your ride generally feels. A better riding position is important to maximise speed and comfort. Let’s look at an innovative allroad bike that’s still gaining ground on the market. I’m talking about the EXEPT Allroad Classic.

The EXEPT Allroad Classic

In recent years, you will notice a trend in bikes having wider tyre clearance. This is due to the fact that most manufacturers are now shifting their attention to ensuring a more comfortable riding position for users. Bottom line is, either it is allroad or aero, comfort is as important as speed.

What makes the EXEPT Allroad classic so special and innovative? Well, good news is it’s tailor made, so you can get them in an aero or allroad platform. This is why it is very important that you know what you want to get. Since 2018 EXEPTand it’s team of frame manufacturers have put out some of the best race road and endurance road bikes available on the market. The Allroad classic model from the Italian company comes with a monocoque design for its frame set. Since EXEPT has its own manufacturing partner for its frames, it is easier to have a custom made bike like the EXEPT Allroad Classic. One great feature of EXEPT bikes is that they are customized to the riding style of the rider. EXEPT bikes mainly come in an Allroad platform. However, recent models tend to have more aerodynamic properties in the frame’s geometry. In other words, the Allroad classic model like some of EXEPT’s bikes, is suited to different riding styles to ensure a more comfortable ride.


Wider tyre clearance. This can accommodate up to 30mm wide tyres. The type of tyres selected largely depends on the rider and the type of cycling discipline the bike is to be used for.

The bottom bracket is tailored to ensure an optimum stiffeness-to-weight ratio.

It is engineered with custom cable management.

It can come with a classic design with more emphasis on the weight and stiffness. It can also come with an integrated design like in the case of newer EXEPT bike models, with an improved aerodynamic structure.

It has an integrated seat clamp. This ensures the frames do not give out. In other words there is even distribution of pressure from its repeated clamping force.

It applies custom made carbon fibre in its geometry.

It is better suited to your riding style.

Riders have the option of a seat tube or an aero seat post.

They majorly come with disc brake options.


The EXEPT Allroad Classic is no doubt an innovative bike. Its custom-made features make it open to a lot of adaptations. This helps minimise any slight hitch you might encounter while testing out its performance on the road. Remember, as with any new bike you want to purchase, it is best to know what kind of bike is suitable for you while taking into consideration the terrain and the kind of road adventure. We all want something that is cost effective, but you don’t want to go very cheap, not if you want to get your money’s worth. You can say the best thing about this classic model from EXEPT is it is tailor-made for every rider which is what all bike manufacturers strive to accomplish with each new model on the market.

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