Canyon Endurance: ON AL 7 Review


E-bikes are a new phenomenon that is getting popular day after day because of the features that it comes with. These bikes have come to be integrated to fit into different categories of bikes, from the road, gravel, and endurance bikes. The bike has been known to make life easier for different people, and it is used for several purposes.

A road bike is used only for road purposes, and bikes in this category are designed for this only and the features it has been made to be fitted for the activities it is used for. So, since a road bike is made mainly for speed, and because the features don’t fit for an off-road adventure, they wouldn’t fit into this category, and if you use it, you won’t get the best experience. If you want to use a bike for off-road adventures, we advise you to use the gravel bike.

We said you should use the gravel because the bike’s features have been made so that it can deal with the different terrains you might come across, and at the same time, you will have comfort. An e-bike, however, is a bicycle that has been designed with more attributes in place.

There are different features you should look at when you want to purchase a product in the market. One of the ways that people check whether a product is worth the buy or not is to ask those whom they are close to and have made a particular purchase in the past, the review it. The reason for this is so as not to make a buy that will lead to buyer’s remorse down the road.

Since it’s a bike we are looking at, you will need to consider some specific things. The frame material of the bike is a crucial aspect we need to be careful about, and the reason is that it is what determines how durable your cycle will last you. Most bikes use aluminum and carbon as the material because of the properties they inhabit. So, when you want to make a purchase do well to ensure that the frame is made with one of these materials.

In addition, having a bike with a good saddle to ensure comfort while cycling is necessary, so you don’t have to deal with body pains after long hours of cycling. And since it’s an electric bike, we are looking at you to make sure that the bike you purchase, you are okay with the mechanism it works with and its design. Also, make sure that the battery you use is of good quality, so you don’t end up wasting your money. Lastly, make sure that the price of the bike you intend to purchase fits into your budget.

Canyon Endurace: ON AL 7 Review

The Canyon Endurance AL 7, like its counterparts, provides a great value for money spent on the purchase due to its features. The frame material is aluminum, which means it will be a good one to have if using it for a long while is one of the plans you’ve got. The bike comes with different mudguards that are mounted at strategic locations.

Also, it comes with a FAZUA Evation system, which means that the battery and the motor have been bundled into a unit integrated into the bike’s frame. It features GRC hydraulic disc brakes, which go on to about 160mm of the motor. The tires are 700 x 32C Schwalbe which helps provide traction for the brakes to work perfectly, giving you good control of the bike when you cycle with it. Although the bike is considerably heavy, as is with most e-bikes, the price is a downside when you compare it with others, although it is still expensive.

Key Features

It features 700 x 32C schwalbe tires

It features hydraulic GRX disc brakes

It features an aluminum frame.


Brand Name: Canyon


It is easy to use and handle given the features it has

It is a good value for the money you spend on the purchase

It is durable due to the material used for the frame


It is heavy

It is expensive


There are different types of bikes, and the bike is one of those. The Canyon Endurace: ON AL 7 is an example of this, and we have looked at the features, pros, and cons of the bike. Also, Read;

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