Orbea Gain D10 Review


Better fun riding, extra time, additional power, surplus range, and better more KOMs, this is what the Orbea Gain D10 wishes to provide to you as a rider. The motive for Orbea was to build an electrically assisted road bike that deals with a possible bike to a classic, traditional road machine.

How it is created

The back wheel is created around a hub-motor ability to deliver 40 Nm torque and 250 W powers. The Ebikemotion X35 motor brings out its juice from a 250Wh battery that’s combined neatly into the dreary tube of the aluminum covering. A button on the top tube permits you as a rider to determine the quantity of assistance you need while continuously administering as a minimalist display, with various LED colors indicating the lingering motor assistance mode and battery level. A smartphone app is also available, which may be used as a display to show riding data and achievement. The logged rides can be uploaded directly to Strava – and users don’t have to worry because Strava has its e-bike classification.

Motor performance and handling

The Ebikemotion X3 hub motor is quieter and very normal than the Focus Project Y and the Fazua motor. It gives compatible assistance over a vast span of meters. Riding high peaks, even the shortest assistance level, gives reasonable proportions of power. In the ultimate set, it’s entirely possible to keep up with even the healthiest of riders. The disparity between the assistance settings is very noticeable. Yet, it’s on the flats where a rider starts to meet the maxima of this concept. At 25 km/h, the motor stops. Even if this occurs very smoothly, a rider might feel like he is always riding into a minor headwind without any motor aid. The extra weight of the hind wheel is apparent both above 25 km/h and influences the handling of the bike at the required speed. Despite its steady running and stiffness, it’s significantly more prominent when distinguished from a standard road bike. Because of the unequal weight percentage rear and front, it is less detailed in the corners. It would also be good to see nicely damped factors, with the recent spec aluminum frame with the capable aluminum cockpit isn’t very safe.

Furthermore, the additional weight of the battery, electronics, and the motor is noticeable when braking. But there is decent modulation from the Ultegra brakes, and the 160 mm discs give sufficient stopping power. 180 mm discs would deliver a big deal more protection.

Not regarding the well and naturally integrated motor, there is also a drawback in the system. The Ebikemotion X35 motor receives its intake from 20 magnets in the cassette lockring, examined by a detector in the dropout. But, there is no cadence detector, which implies that the motor cannot take charge of various riding speeds. Incapable of basing its assistance on your cadence, with lighter pedal caresses at shorter cadences, the motor has a predisposition to override you, as it continues riding for about some minus before resetting. It will be beneficial if the power input stops quicker, particularly when braking. Presently, sometimes, you have to overcome the high weight of the bike and the hesitation in the motor-drive halting.


Tires Kenda K1098

Weight 13.65 kg

Brakes Shimano Ultegra

Drivetrain Shimano Ultegra 2×11

Wheelset Airline Corsa.

Motor/Battery Ebikemotion

X35/Ebikemotion 250-Wh-battery


It’s Price.

Availability of power button that doubles up as a display

It’s natural motor control.

Its design and integration


Its limited comfort is due to the presence of aluminum components

Its unstable weight distribution


The Orbea Gain is an upheaval in road bikes. This first creation has required a lot of work and pioneering layout, yet Orbea has built an easy but very eligible electric road bike. The clever integration and nicely designed is elegant, the handling is excellent despite the unequal weight measurement of the bike, and most extensively, this bike is inexpensive. From € 1,899, you can purchase a Gain and make your action into the world of electric road bikes. The range of petitions is very adaptable and will enable numerous riders to recover their liberty on a bike. Still, performance acquainted and healthy riders will attain the maxima of this concept.

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