Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 Review


Bikes are very versatile vehicles. They can be used for many things, including climbing mountains, going for adventures with friends and loved ones, cycling, road racing with peers, touring a city or town, and running errands in the neighborhood. It is probably because different types of bikes have been designed over the years for these several uses or purposes of bikes. The types of bikes include mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, BMX, cruisers, touring bikes, etc. Going on long trips with bikes has become a thing recently. Nowadays, people want to go on long rides with bikes for either adventure, tour, visiting, or ease off stress and clear their heads. Going on such rides, however, comes with a lot of challenges. The path and terrain may pose one of the challenges. Most of the terrain in the countrysides is gravel and has a lot of potholes, and maybe rocky. The weather condition also poses another challenge. Rain causes muddy roads, and muds slow down the ride by getting stuck to the tires. Gravel bikes, however, are specially designed for cruising over any terrain and path, even rocky and potholed ones. They are suitable for long rides, including rides to places you have no idea what the type of terrain will be like. Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 is a good gravel bike that keeps you on the road for hours and even days, offering you comfort and great control as well as confidence. It is also very versatile and capable of performing a lot of functions.

Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1

Talk about an all-in-one bike that’s a perfect combination of several types of bikes and manages to be still good in almost every field, and you’ll be talking about Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1. The Canadian bike Cervélo is built to be very versatile. It has the potentials of a good road bike as well as that of an endurance bike. It is very speedy and can be used to go for road races but is also very comfortable, making the long rides speedy and fun.

Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 has a frame made with carbon making it lighter and thus speedier. It has a Dura-Ace groupset combined with the frameset that offers superb performance. Another wonderful feature is the bottom bracket lowered and the long-wheelbase combined to give maximum comfort and lower the center of gravity, aiding stability, creating the perfect upright sitting position that keeps its riders on the road for hours without anybody pains. Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 offers a pure and life-filled ride. It makes you feel like you’re riding to space comfortably. It’s lightness makes the ride very smooth and speedy.

Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 offers great handling with its great handlebar. Its Conti GP tires though 28c, have high tire clearance, accomodating up to 32c. It has SRAM disc brakes that offer proficient braking from the start of the ride to the finish. It is also very agile and balanced, putting its riders in control and giving them the confidence they need to ride. Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 is very versatile, and it can be used for adventure rides, road races, and tours around a city. It is also suitable for long rides and is weather friendly.


It has a Dura-Ace groupset.

It has a carbon frame.

It has a lower bottom bracket.

It has Conti GP tires.

It has SRAM disc brakes.


Brand: Cervélo

Name: C3

Available Sizes: 48cm 51cm 54cm 56cm 58cm

Saddle: Fizik Antares

Seat Tube; 50cm

Chainstays: 42cm

Bottom Bracket Height: 27cm

Tires: Continental Grand Sport

Weight: 7.88 kg

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc

Frame: Carbon fiber

Fork: Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered C3 Fork for Disc

Handlebar: FSA Energy Compact

Seatpost: FSA SLK


It is super comfortable.

It has a large tire clearance.

It is very light and speedy.


It was quite expensive.


Cervélo C3 SRAM Force 1 is versatile capable of performing a lot of functions. It is very light and speedy. It has good brakes. It offers a long and comfortable ride even through long distances.

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