Disc Brakes Vs. Rim Brakes

Introduction Every piece of equipment designed to transport human beings must have two major components; acceleration and stoppage. Without these two features, you are likely not to move at all or involve yourself (and someone else in an accident). If you look at motor vehicles, the accelerator is designed to increase your speed, and the … Read more

Schwinn Sanctuary Review

Introduction Cycling is one of those sports that has a place for everybody. While some cyclers plan to become athletes, other cyclers ride for exercise. However, the majority of people with bicycles ride for relaxation and commuting. If you fall within this last category, you need a bike designed for comfort and performance. This Schwinn … Read more

Diamondback Bike Vs. Trek Bike

Introduction When we go to the super bowl or watch a basketball match, the only thing that interests us is the game between the two competing sides. However, we all know a lot is put in place by both the league and team management before any game can be possible. This is also the case … Read more

Schwinn S25 Mountain Bike Review

Introduction There various forms of cycling, and riders naturally choose after some time. If you a cycler and you prefer road biking, then you need to get a road bike. If you like mountain biking, then you need to get a mountain bike. However, the reality is that most cyclers still rent their bikes because … Read more

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Review

Introduction There are plenty of mountain bikes on the market, but they all have various features and advantages. If you are new to mountain biking, you need a bike designed to help you attain peak performance. One of such bikes is this Schwinn Protocol 1.0. this bike is designed with unique features that make mountain … Read more

Carbon Vs. Aluminum Mountain Bikes

Introduction If you are a bike enthusiast, you would know that one of the most common cycling forms is mountain biking. Mountain biking involves riding your bicycle on off-road trails; some of these trails are forest paths that allow you to enjoy nature’s scenery, while others are rough terrains filled with multiple obstacles. Some of … Read more

Best Apps for Biking

Introduction Technological advancement is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. Technology helps us move around faster, connect with our loved ones faster and live more comfortable lives. Even though sports and outdoor activities are majorly physical activities, technology still plays a very important role in making any game more regulated, comfortable, and … Read more

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Review

Introduction When it comes to cycling, bikers have many different choices. Some bikers prefer to bike on the mountain, while some prefer to bike on the road. When you have identified your preferences as a cycler, it gets easier to choose a bike because you can now choose one that fits your riding style perfectly. … Read more

Burley Piccolo Review

Overview The Burley Piccolo is a pleasant trailer bicycle that helps the kid adapt to the excellent bicycle environment. For children Four to Ten years, the Piccolo is lovely, and the simple adjustment-ability enables the trailer cycle to develop with the kid. A trailer cycle that helps the kid to ride together with you is … Read more

What Are The 3 Best Adult Mountain Bikes?

adult mountain bikes

Mountain Bike tours are an essential adventure, especially for adults. Cycling goes a long way to prevent certain ailments such as stroke, depression, arthritis, obesity, and most times some strands of cancer. Riding bikes has the ability to promote aerobic respiration, immune system, and aids cardiovascular activities. Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibility and … Read more

Safest Country in Asia

Introduction Asia is one of the seven continents on earth, and it houses some of the most powerful countries in the world. This continent has forty-eight countries registered with the United Nations. Two of these countries share border territory with Europe due to their large landmass; these countries are Russia and Turkey. Russia is the … Read more

Burley Kazoo Review

Introduction The burley kazoo helps a child to learn to ride by sitting behind you comfortably. Burley’s proprietary aluminum ball-bearing driven hitch fits comfortably for raising children and provides superior control, monitoring, and safety. As every parent of small kids will tell you, that ‘thought’ is mostly just the thought of a family fun bicycle … Read more

Retrospec Bike Review

Introduction When people think of cycling or riding, their minds immediately go to their childhood days or the cyclists competing in Europe. However, most cyclers are urban commuters. Commuting within your city with a bike is one of the primary forms of transportation in modern history, and it remains famous around the world today. If … Read more

Biking the Appalachian Trail

Introduction Talk about one of the best trails in the United States for the best of outdoor enjoyment and exploration; the Appalachian trail is the one to choose. It is about 2,190 miles from start finish, and it is one of the best places for bike touring in the States. Bike touring in the Appalachian … Read more

Bicycle Handlebar Types

Introduction When cyclers buy a new bicycle, they are more concerned with the bike’s strength, weight, and speed capacity. However, one important part of the bike that is often overlooked is the handlebar. The handlebar is a critical part of your bike designed to act as a steering wheel for you. It helps you control … Read more

Quilt Vs. Sleeping Bags

Introduction One outdoor activity that is fun and easy to participate in is camping. Camping is an enjoyable activity, and all you need are a few friends, adequate gear, and a safe location. One thing that all campers must do before going out into the wild is to plan properly. As a camper, you have … Read more

Bicycle Chain Length

Introduction People start cycling for various reasons like physical fitness, transportation, competitive engagement or outdoor recreation. However, regardless of why you started cycling in the first place, you should do everything you can to become thoroughly acquainted with the world of cycling. Cyclers become professionals because they are willing to learn the game’s details and … Read more

Backpacking in Taiwan

Introduction Taiwan is a beautiful country located along the Asian coast. This country is geographically small, and it is uniquely located close to economic superpowers like China and Japan. This country covers a landmass of 35,808 square kilometers, and it houses about 24 million people. Taiwan is densely populated because more than half of its … Read more

Most Dangerous Countries in Europe

Introduction Europe is a continent located entirely in the northern hemisphere, and it is unarguably the home of modern-day civilization. Europe houses 50 countries, and most of these countries have rich histories and traditions. The continent covers about two percent of the earth’s surface, covering a land area of about ten million kilometer-square. Europe has … Read more