Bicycle Handlebar Types

Introduction When cyclers buy a new bicycle, they are more concerned with the bike’s strength, weight, and speed capacity. However, one important part of the bike that is often overlooked is the handlebar. The handlebar is a critical part of your bike designed to act as a steering wheel for you. It helps you control … Read more

Bicycle Chain Length

Introduction People start cycling for various reasons like physical fitness, transportation, competitive engagement or outdoor recreation. However, regardless of why you started cycling in the first place, you should do everything you can to become thoroughly acquainted with the world of cycling. Cyclers become professionals because they are willing to learn the game’s details and … Read more

Backpacking in Taiwan

Introduction Taiwan is a beautiful country located along the Asian coast. This country is geographically small, and it is uniquely located close to economic superpowers like China and Japan. This country covers a landmass of 35,808 square kilometers, and it houses about 24 million people. Taiwan is densely populated because more than half of its … Read more

Backpacking in Japan

Introduction Japan is a country known for its cultural uniqueness and prosperity in technology. The country has a vast population of 125 million citizens, making it the eleventh most populous country globally and its major cities are densely populated. However, it is uniquely structured, urbanized and well-organized. Japan is a rich country, and the standard … Read more

Average Bicycle Weight

Introduction Going into the market to get a bicycle is one of the most exciting things to do as a teenager. It is one of those moments that every child will always relish. However, getting a bicycle is one, and knowing the specs that work for you is another. Therefore, one of the factors to … Read more

Aluminum Bikes Vs. Steel Bikes

Introduction One of the most stimulating outdoor activities is cycling, and that is why people engage in it for sports, fun and exercise. If you are a cycler or are thinking about becoming one, you already know your bike is very important. The bike you choose to ride with is the most critical decision you … Read more

700C Vs. 26 inches (650C)

Introduction In the world today, there are different kinds of outdoor sports and physical activities. All these sports and activities cannot be played without one important piece of equipment or another. If you want to engage in any sport, you must use the right equipment that is comfortable for you at that particular time. If … Read more

3 Season Vs. 4 Season Tents

Introduction One of the most stimulating activities that you can engage in is outdoor activities. Outdoor activities are usually exciting, and they help to clear your mind. However, you will not enjoy the outdoors if you are not well-prepared for your journey. If you plan to go hunting or camping, you must provide a suitable … Read more

5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 in 2021

hybrid bikes under 1000

There are different types of bicycles in Production, the major classifications include; mountain bikes, Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, and Hybrid Bikes. These individual bikes are known for peculiar features but the Hybrid Bike is a combination of a Road bike and a mountain bike. Hybrid Bikes are general-purpose bikes designed with combined features of a … Read more

Best Apps for Biking

Introduction Technological advancement is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. Technology helps us move around faster, connect with our loved ones faster and live more comfortable lives. Even though sports and outdoor activities are majorly physical activities, technology still plays a very important role in making any game more regulated, comfortable, and … Read more

7 Best Budget Backpacking Tents in 2021

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Check Latest Price REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Check Latest Price Zpacks Duplex Check Latest Price Backpacking tents are essential when you are taking a hike or taking a trip into the woods, but they are mostly heavy and require a lot of space to pack. With the ... Read more

What Are The 3 Best Adult Mountain Bikes?

adult mountain bikes

Mountain Bike tours are an essential adventure, especially for adults. Cycling goes a long way to prevent certain ailments such as stroke, depression, arthritis, obesity, and most times some strands of cancer. Riding bikes has the ability to promote aerobic respiration, immune system, and aids cardiovascular activities. Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibility and … Read more

7 Best Pink Bicycle For Toddlers in 2021

pink bicycle for toddlers

As your toddlers are growing, it is necessary you fix them into exercising by getting them a bicycle. Pink, Blue, or Red, colors may differ, but it is paramount to affirm the safety of the bike, as your kid’s health is the utmost priority. It should be a preferable safety plan to get your toddlers(1-3 … Read more

5 Best Cruiser Bikes For Women in 2021

best cruiser bike for women

Are you looking for the best women cruiser bike to buy, trust me, we’ve got the coolest bike that will suit your taste and budget? We have gathered a list of the best cruiser bike for the ladies that can be taken to the open road and also serves as a very heartwarming gift to … Read more

How to mount a Bike pump

how to install a bike pump

Tires require an optimal amount of air to function well and it is always a good idea to check the tire pressure before a ride. Popularly, there are two main types of tube valves; 1. Schrader Valve: This tube valve is wide and flat in the end. 2. Presta Valve: This tube valve is narrower … Read more

How To Pump Up a Bike Tire Without a Pump? 

how do you pump up a bike tire without a pump

You might be curious about the process of manually pumping a bike tire. In this article, we will try to show you how to inflate your bike tires with the aid of a CO2 cartridge and not an air pump. It is almost a commandment that all cyclists keep to that, they must travel or … Read more

How Do You Inflate A Car Tire With A Bike Pump?

how to inflate car tire with bike pump

Loss of air pressure in the car tire can happen at any point in time. Will you always be prepared? Maybe not. In desperate times when your vehicle tire needs a pump, there are very few options at your disposal. But, what if you have a bike pump? How do you inflate a car tire … Read more

3 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 in 2021

hybrid bikes under 500

Ever wondered how you could get a bike that has feature combinations of a road bike and a mountain bike? Hybrid Bikes are constructed exactly for this purpose, but the issue always lies in getting the best of them especially for under 500 dollars. Hybrid Bikes are built to have the sturdy strong frame of … Read more

3 Best Chamois Creams in 2021

chamois cream cycling

Sincerely speaking, the first time I heard about the chamois cream, I was lost in a dark web of Ignorance. As a newbie in cycling, I never knew what this cream stands for, what it could be used for, how to spot genuine ones in the market, and which brand gives the best. I ended … Read more

4 Best Pink Bicycles For Girl in 2021

best pink bicycles for girl

Cycling took a new turn as the girl’s gender embraced the sport. The Feminine flare for pink products as a sign of beauty and the careful need for safety makes it a necessary consideration amongst manufacturers to include style, design, and quality into their preferences for bicycles. Initially, Female bicycles were limited to three-wheeler bicycles. … Read more