Schwinn S25 Mountain Bike Review


There various forms of cycling, and riders naturally choose after some time. If you a cycler and you prefer road biking, then you need to get a road bike. If you like mountain biking, then you need to get a mountain bike. However, the reality is that most cyclers still rent their bikes because of the high price tags that manufacturers put on them. If you love mountain biking and want to get a new bike, you would need to spend thousands of dollars. However, if you decide to go for an old model that is no longer on the market, you can save yourself a lot of money. Many old model bikes are still intense and in circulation today. You need to know where to look. If you have decided to buy this kind of mountain bike and look for information on the right one, you are reading this right piece. In this article, we want to review the unique Schwinn S25 Mountain Bike. Enjoy!


Key Features

Made with an aluminum frame

This bike is designed with an 18-inch frame made from aluminum. This makes it lightweight and easy to control. Cyclers can easily ride ad make sharp turns when necessary. It also means that you can ride comfortably because the aluminum is built to absorb the shock from impact. If you are thinking about durability, then you can forget about your frame rusting.

Designed with a 21-speed gear system; comes with Shimano shifters

This bike is designed with a 21-speed gear system, and that gives you a wide speed range. You can easily switch between gears and change your speed with the Shimano shifters.

Designed with front suspension

This bike is designed with a front suspension. This means that when you ride, you can easily glide past minor obstacles without feeling the impact.

Utilizes Promax mechanical disc brakes

When you are mountain biking, you need to brake at odd times, and you need to brake fast. This why this bike is uniquely designed with Promax mechanical disc brakes. This means that you can quickly brake at any time and with minimum preparation.

It comes with front and rear derailleurs

This bike is designed with derailleurs in both its front and rear.


Brand name: Schwinn

Color: Silver and gray


Built for durability

If you want a bike built for durability, then you should get this bike. This bike is made with an aluminum frame that doesn’t rust. It also has everything in place to make it last for a very long time. Although you might need to carry out some repairs, it will be as good as new when you are done.

Designed for comfort

If there is one thing you would enjoy about this bike, it is comfort. It comes with a front suspension that allows you to glide past obstacles. It is also made with an aluminum frame that absorbs shock from impact.

Lightweight; easy to control

This bike is made from an aluminum frame, and it is small in size. This makes it lightweight, and any cycler can easily control the bike. You can make sharp turns and avoid obstacles with ease.


This bike can be found in unique kinds of dealerships, and it is always up for sale. If you want to buy it, you can get it for a very affordable price.

Designed for speed

This bike is designed with a 21-speed gear system, and it comes with Shimano shifters. This allows you to shift effortlessly between gears and increase your speed as you like. You can move faster when going uphill and vice-versa.


This bike might need further repairs

The bike is an old model, and Schwinn no longer produces it. If you see it anywhere for sale, it will come at an affordable price. However, you might need to repair parts of the bicycle to get optimum performance


Mountain biking is exciting, and you get to enjoy many things when you participate in the sport. However, you can only do that if you have the right bike. If you have been thinking of getting a mountain bike and you don’t have that kind of money, then you can buy an old bike that is both cost-efficient and performance adapted. This Schwinn S25 is one such bike, and you can find it in dealership shops across the country. Cheers!