Schwinn Sanctuary Review


Cycling is one of those sports that has a place for everybody. While some cyclers plan to become athletes, other cyclers ride for exercise. However, the majority of people with bicycles ride for relaxation and commuting. If you fall within this last category, you need a bike designed for comfort and performance. This Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Crusier bike has been specially manufactured for folks who enjoy cycling for fun. In this review, we are going to explain this product to you in detail. Enjoy!


Key Features

Made with a steel frame

This bike is made with a steel frame, and it is designed to offer you all the strength, comfort, and performance you need. If your height is between 5’4 and 6’2, then this bike would be perfect for you. However, you need to make sure that you take care of this bike because it is susceptible to rust.

Made with aluminum alloy rims

This bike is made with aluminum alloy rims, and that means your wheels will be lightweight and easy to control. It also means you will be comfortable throughout your ride. Aluminum is a strong material, and it absorbs impact. When your rims come in contact with obstacles, you will glide past without feeling the effect.

Designed with a Shimano seven-speed rear derailleur

Although this bike is a comfort cruiser bicycle, it still offers you a good amount of speed. The bike comes with SRAM twist shifters that allow you to shift between gears quickly and smoothly. When you are cruising on the free road, don’t be afraid to double up and break out that speed.

Designed with front and rear fenders

This bike is made for relaxation and comfort. This means that you might not always be in cycling shorts and riding shorts when you ride your bike. That is why the bicycle is designed with front and rear fenders. The fenders keep mud, dirt, and debris from your clothes while riding.

Utilizes a padded cruiser saddle

Saddle sores are a common occurrence among cyclers, and one of the significant causes is uncomfortable saddles. This bike comes with a padded cruiser saddle designed to keep the rider balanced and comfortable throughout the ride.

It comes with a rear cargo rack

If you always have many items on you when going out, this bike is the perfect choice for you. This bike is designed with a rear cargo rack that can hold your items while you ride.


Brand name: Schwinn

Suspension style: Dual

Color: Red


Perfect for cruise rides and relaxation

This bike is a comfort cruiser bicycle, and it is meant for relaxation. If you have an errand to run or you want to enjoy the cool evening breeze with some snacks, then this is the perfect equipment for you.

Lightweight; easy to control

This bike is lightweight, and you can easily control the speed, movement, and braking. It comes with a seven-speed rear derailleur, and you can quickly shift between gears when riding.

Designed for comfort

This bike is primarily designed for comfort. It utilizes aluminum alloy rims that keep impact to the barest minimum. It also comes with full fenders that keep dirt away from you. The rear cargo rack holds everything you need, while the padded cruiser saddle keeps saddle sores to the barest minimum. If you’re looking for a premium, this is the perfect bike for you.

Designed with an elegant look

If you like classic old-school designs, then you would love this bike. This bike comes in a dark red color that stands out in your garage. If you love elegant things, then you should get this bicycle.

Easy to assemble

This bike comes in a ready to assemble state, and all you have to do is complete the final steps. Unlike other bikes that will require an expert’s fine tuning, you can start using this bike almost immediately you get it.


Not suitable for long rides and heavy-duty use

If you plan to use this bike for a competition or an extra-long ride, you should change your mind. This bike is designed for cruise rides and not competitive engagements.


If you are thinking of buying a bike you can ride for fun in the evening and on the weekends, you should get this Schwinn Sanctuary 7 cruiser bike. This bike has all the components you need for comfort, and it does not lack in performance. If you are convinced this is what you want, then do not hesitate to buy it. Cheers!