Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Review


There are plenty of mountain bikes on the market, but they all have various features and advantages. If you are new to mountain biking, you need a bike designed to help you attain peak performance. One of such bikes is this Schwinn Protocol 1.0. this bike is designed with unique features that make mountain biking easy. In this review, we will show you the unique features of these bikes and give you reasons why they would be the perfect fit for you. Enjoy!


Key Features

Made with an aluminum full suspension frame

This mountain bike is made from aluminum, and that comes with unique advantages. The bike is resistant to rust, and you don’t have to change it due to wear and tear. The frame is also built for sturdiness, and it can withstand a lot of weight, up to 220 pounds. You no longer have to fear mountain biking because this frame is designed to give you enough support.

Made with an SR Suntour suspension fork

This bike is designed with a special kind of suspension fork. This suspension fork allows for reliable, responsive riding and can absorb any impact from mountain rocks, bumps, and other obstacles. Even though you are mountain biking, you will still enjoy a smooth ride.

Designed with a 24-speed gearing system with trigger shifters

This mountain bike is designed with a 24-speed Shimano Altus that allows you to control your speed regardless of your current riding circumstance. It also has trigger shifters installed and these shifters allow you to smoothly change your gears and increase your speed as you wish.

26-inch wheels; designed for beginners

This mountain bike is designed to support cyclists new to mountain biking. Everything has been put in place to help you ride comfortably on the mountain. The bike is designed with 2-inch wheels, and despite your height, it will fit you perfectly.

Utilizes strong alloy rims and tires

This bike is designed with alloy rims that are both lightweight and strong. These rims support its high-quality tires and allow you to ride on any terrain or trail. You don’t have to worry about losing traction because these tires are strong enough for everyday riding and are made for durability.

Made with front and rear mechanical disc brakes

One feature that separates mountain bikes from other bikes is their brake power, and this Schwinn protocol is no different. This bike is made with mechanical disc brakes that allow you to stop in any condition.


Brand name: Schwinn

Suspension type: Dual

Color: Red/Blue


Made for durability

This bike is built to last long. The aluminum frame makes it resistant to rust, and it is made with strong alloy rims that allow you to ride every day if you are interested. The optimal gearing provided by the alloy crank keeps regular maintenance to a minimum.

Designed for comfort

This bike is made with a dual-suspension that allows you to glide over obstacles on the trail. Additionally, since it is made with an aluminum frame, the impact is absorbed and distributed, and this means your hand and body will not feel the impact. You can ride smoothly to your destination.

Lightweight; easy to control

Mountain biking requires that you make sharp turns and avoid several obstacles. You cannot do that if your bike is hard to control. That is why this mountain bike is made with lightweight materials that make it easy for you to control.

Designed for speed

This bike is made with 24-speed shifters, and you can’t get faster than that as a mountain biker. This mountain bike provides you with a wide gear range that makes it easy to shift out on the cycling trail.


If you consider the quality and features that this bike offers, you would know the price is quite affordable. This mountain bike comes with unique features at a giveaway price, and you shouldn’t miss it.


Made with weak pedals

Although all the features of this bike are top-notch, it is not one-hundred percent perfect. The pedals of this bike are weak, and they may require that you change them at some point.


Mountain biking is an exciting type of cycling because it allows you to enjoy nature while engaging in your favorite sport. If you are new to mountain biking, you need a bike designed to simplify the learning process. This Schwinn bike is one of such products, and we have reviewed it in detail for you. If you are convinced this what you need, then go ahead and buy the bike. Cheers!