Biking the Appalachian Trail


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Talk about one of the best trails in the United States for the best of outdoor enjoyment and exploration; the Appalachian trail is the one to choose. It is about 2,190 miles from start finish, and it is one of the best places for bike touring in the States. Bike touring in the Appalachian trail will leave you with a lasting experience that you will always want to discuss if you decide to go biking there.

Biking the Appalachian trail is like creating a connection with the best part of mother nature because it allows you to cruise through beautiful scenes in the US. Additionally, as much as biking the Appalachian trail is fun, it can also serve as a thrilling challenge for bikers. The Appalachian trail allows you to bike from the Maine northern region to the deep balmy forests housed in Georgia. Also, you can decide to use the Appalachian Trail as a place for your typical afternoon challenge.

  • Planning For Your Biking Trip

Since the Appalachian trail runs through the United States Easter coast and some deep wilderness, the best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare ahead. Before you head out, make sure to take a look at the map and also make sure to select the best ride. Additionally, it is always better to disclose a trip like this to your loved ones just in case of unplanned occurrences. Do not go biking the Appalachian trail without going with your cell phone.

If, by any chance, you will want to stay at the Appalachian trail over the night, make sure your ride is well planned out. Doing this will help you have a grip on every of your bike ride on the Appalachian Trail. Furthermore, it will help you create time for the set up of your camp. Don’t just wake up and decide to go biking the Appalachian trail. Make sure to select all the right gears that you will need before heading out. Do not forget to travel with your first aid kit as this is essential even for the shortest of trips. As much as you need to pack your biking gears, make sure not to overpack, as this can bring so much unwanted weight. Although you miss out on the right equipment, it can lead to unwanted challenges for you.

  • Preparing For Difficulties

Appalachia’s hills and mountains might not look dangerous as that of the hills on the west coast. However, regardless of how safe or less risky these hills might appear, it is better not to underestimate unforeseen dangers that might arise. Additionally, the physical challenges that are required to explore the Appalachian trail are not something to overlook. Biking the Appalachian trail during the summertime can make you experience severe thunderstorms. The colder season will see you experience snows, and ice, making it difficult for your bike to move on the Appalachian Trail. During times like this, your biking on the Appalachian trail may become dangerous. Therefore, always ensure that all the right gears and clothing is readily available in your pack.

Furthermore, it is impossible not to talk about the preparation of your bike. Make sure that your bike has the best tires on the market. This means you will get durable and rugged tires that can easily navigate the hills present in the Appalachian trail for the best of your adventures. Do not forget to check your brakes to make them work better before you start your journey. Your bike headlight is another thing you should invest in before you set out on your adventure.

  • Understand the Risks Involved

Remember that you will bike for several days and that there are hills and rough patches on the Appalachian Trail. Therefore, knowing the risks involved is highly critical for your preparation when going on this tour. You need to ask questions like, what part of the trail is more dangerous, does the trail have low lying areas, and is there a risk for flash floods?

Knowing the answers to all of these will help you navigate the Appalachian trail without challenges. Do not forget that there is a possibility that you ride through the bear country. This is a place for the most prominent form of predators on the eastern coast. Should you encounter an American bear, it immediately responds with violence whenever it feels threatened. Always put in mind that these bears can go in search of food through your campsite if they smell something enticing to them. This is because bears are gifted with a great sense of smell.

  • Shelter and Accommodation Info in Appalachian Trail

One of the most exciting parts of hiking on the Appalachian trail is that those in charge are processing the development of shelters in Appalachia. These shelters will serve as a place to rest after a long journey into the Appalachian Trail. Presently this trail readily has shelters of above 260. All of these shelter centers are evenly distributed throughout the Appalachian trail. You will generally find a shelter at every 8.5-mile radius. Although some of the shelters may be far from each other, this depends on space availability to build the shelters.

Furthermore, recognizing these shelters can be pretty easy because they are made from woods. The shelter home has a beautiful interior that you will find pretty homely.

  • Accommodation

Finding Accommodation in the Appalachian trail comes with series of factors like the types of Accommodation available, the state you are in, and if they permit camping. A perfect example is the Smokies, where you can only use shelters because of extensive wildlife activities. Therefore, in a section like this, you need a permit to go biking.

Additionally, it would help if you prepared for various types of Accommodation. This means that if you plan to use a series of shelters, you should go along with a tent as this will help you camp during night terms.

Lastly, always prepare to travel with cash whenever you are going biking on the Appalachian trail because some of the shelters come with a fee.


There is a lot of fun that comes with biking the Appalachian trail, and you will enjoy every bit of the ride. However, it would be best to stay proactive with your planning, as this will make the ride safer and even more fun for you.