CENTURION Overdrive Carbon Road Z4000 Review


Centurion is a bicycles brand that was founded in 1969 by Junya Yakamoshi and Mitchell M Weiner in Canoga Park, CA to design, specify, and market bicycles. Initially, the bikes marketed by the brand were manufactured by companies in Japan like the H Team Company of Kobes and later some brands in Taiwan like the Meridia.

After many challenges, the brand successfully marketed a full line of touring and road bikes, having steel construction that ranges from a full high tensile steel at the lower end to full bikes at their higher ends. One of the amazing bikes from this brand is the CENTURION Overdrive Carbon Road Z4000.

In this article, we’re going to review the Centurion Overdrive carbon, we’ll discuss the key features, the specifications as well as its pros and cons. This review will also serve as a guide and an avenue for you to make up your mind about whether you’ll like to get a Centurion overdrive bike or not. Grab a hot tea as you go through the review.

[BOLD](The Centurion Overdrive Carbon Road Z4000)

The Centurion Overdrive Z4000 bike is a high-quality electric bike that comes at a fairly reasonable price. The brand launched a new bike era in 2019 that offers attractive electric road bikes of the highest class.

The Centurion Overdrive Z4000 is one of the sporty variants of the five models of the centurion overdrive series. The bike gives you a natural ride like a traditional road bike. It also features the powerful Fazua drive that provides support up to a speed of 25km/hr. Above the speed of 25km/hr, the motors and pedal gears are separated and you step without any obvious resistance of the engine from your muscle strength. This shows you that the desired training effect is ensured! Let’s check some of the key features of the electric bike.

Key Features

Added compliance: For added compliance, the brace between two seats was deliberately omitted. There’s also a detachable bridge that allows you to mount fenders.

Secured: The gap between the battery and the frame of the hike is very tight. Whenever you’re putting the battery back, please check to be sure that it’s securely latched.

Durable tires: This amazing electric bike features the 32 mm wide Continental Grand Prix 5000 tire one of the best all-round tires. These together with the classic handlebars of the bike gets you to your destination smoothly and quickly. The thick design of the tire also makes it less prone to punctures.

None visible drive: The drive of the Centurion Overdrive carbon bike is completely integrated intits’ elegant frame. This gives the bike a clean overall image.


Brand name: CENTURION

Manufacturer’s name: CENTURION

Weight of item: 13.92 pkg

The capacity of battery: 250 wh

Motor type: Fazua Evation 1.0

Torque of motor: 60 Nm

Frame: Centurion Overdrive Alloy Z-Series

Color: Black, Grey, Red

Sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL

Size of seat tube: 470mm – 590mm

Size of top tube: 530mm – 585 mm

Size of head tube: 110mm – 190mm

Head angle size: 70.8° – 71.8°

Seat angle size: 74°

Size of wheelbase: 1,015 mm – 1064mm

Reach: 375mm – 407mm

Stack: 540mm – 620mm

Warranty Description: Not specified by brand


It is an electric bike

It has a battery capacity of 250 wh

The brace between the seats was omitted to provide more compliance

The gap between the frame and the battery is very tight, thereby keeping your battery securely

It has a balanced weight distribution that keeps it stable even at high speeds


The bike doesn’t encourage immediate direction change


The Centurion Overdrive Carbon Road Z4000 is a high-quality electric bike that delivers the overall package of all you’ll need in a good bike. Having durable tires, a balanced weight distribution, a good battery, and an elegant look, the Z4000 is undoubtedly a bike you’ll like.

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