Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review


One of the best parts of owning a mountain bike is that it is built to handle all types of terrain, rough or smooth, with ease. If you need a bike for exercise or to keep your body in shape, a mountain bike is the recommended choice.

However, shopping for the best mountain bike is a very stressful task. There are so many brands and models out there, finding the perfect choice won’t be easy. To save you from the stress, we have written a review on a pretty remarkable bike.

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 dual suspension bike is an incredible mountain bike designed for men. It is pretty affordable and built with high-quality materials. This bike is much appreciated by users because it gives the rider full control and offers premium performance on all types of terrain.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review – features and spec

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 mountain bike is perfect for both expert and beginner riders, especially if you are looking to adopt mountain biking as a hobby. The bike produces an excellent performance on all terrains; this makes it easier to adjust quickly to different terrains. It is a multi-purpose bike that can function as a road bike and touring bike. With this bike, you can enjoy free riding, street riding, trail riding, and more. Its dual-suspension system and light alloy rims keep the bike sturdy and well-balanced. This bike is designed for users above 14 years and between 5.5′ ft. and 6 ft.

Frame Size and Fork

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is built with a high-quality aluminium frame with dual suspension. The aluminium material makes the bike sturdy and strong. It is well balanced and provides ample support on any type of terrain, both smooth and rough. The dual suspension makes the riding experience more comfortable and smoother, especially on rugged terrain. They work best when riding downhill or going off jumps.

It is equipped with a front suspension fork that acts as a shock absorber when riding on mountains. The suspension system is positioned under the seat, which is very accessible. The frame is very lightweight and rust-resistant. The bike has an overall weight of 43 pounds, lighter than most mountain bikes.

Brake Type

The Protocol 1.0 bike is equipped with Pro Max mechanical disc brakes at the front and linear-pull derailleur brakes at the rear end. The combined brake system offers the rider full, efficient control over the bike and accurate stopping ability. The front disc brakes are also different and more innovative than the popularly used rim brakes. These features are very easy to adjust and make the bike safer to ride.

Gearing and Shifter

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 features 24-speed Shimano Altus shifters that produce full control over the bike’s speed. The speed variation makes it easier to shift when riding uphill or downhill. With the featured Shimano EF 50 trigger shifters, you can change your gears smoothly and increase your speed. The 24-speed shifter makes the bike very versatile; you have a wide range of speeds to work with and can shift effortlessly between gears.

Wheels and Rims

The rims are double-walled alloy rims that are very lightweight, durable, and provide maximum safety. The durability of the rims allows the bike to withstand years of riding on rough terrain. The bike runs on 26-inch wheels, which is great for mountain biking. The large tires provide optimum grip, especially on wet paths.

Product Specification

Brand: Schwinn

Model: Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Weight: 43 pounds

Brake Type: Pro Max Mechanical Disc Brakes

Shifter: Shimano Altus 24-speed

Frame Size: 68L x 23W x 41H

Price: $300


Dual suspension offers a smooth ride on rugged terrain

Price is affordable

Bike is easy to assemble

Strong and reliable brakes


Seat is hard and uncomfortable

Finger shifters aren’t best for technical trails


With the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension mountain bike, you get top-quality materials and build at a very affordable price. The bike is very easy to assemble and use, making it the best fit for a first-time rider. The company also offers a very attractive manufacturer’s warranty.

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