Let’s Talk About Hacks To Make Your Camping Experience Cozy


Many people have the wrong idea about camping and have never attempted it before. For example, they think that you have to completely rough it when you go on your backpacking trip, which is true. However, that does not mean there are no methods to make your camping experience cozy. Not only can you enjoy delicious campfire food such as smores, which is one of the best comfort foods. In addition, you can play some enjoyable camping games. Best of all, you can make the most of your experience when sleeping or resting in your tent. That means, yes, you can create a cozy tent experience. Let’s go over some hacks on how you can do that.

Sleep On Your Pool Float

Who says you have to rough it by sleeping in your sleeping bag on the hard ground? Sure, you can get a camping mattress, but you can also use a pool float as your bed. A pool float can be so comfortable and convenient to take because you can deflate it and pack it away. If you have a good night’s sleep, then you will not have a difficult time going on an intense hiking excursion during the day. Sleeping in your sleeping bag on the cold ground does not make a comfortable tent experience, so utilize the pool float and enjoy how cozy it feels.

Put Some Foam Floor Tiles On The Ground

If you don’t have a pool float, or if you want to sit in your tent and read a book, you do not have to sit on the rough ground. Instead, you can place foam floor tiles on the ground and have a comfortable place to sit. Also, if you like your sleeping bag, but you don’t like sleeping on the hard ground, then you can place those foam floor tiles there and then place your sleeping bag over it. That will be cozy enough for you. A yoga mat will do as well if that is what you have. However, foam floor tiles may be softer.

Roll Your Clothes When Packing Them

It is not comfortable to wear dirty clothes, and when you are camping, you will not have an opportunity to do laundry unless you find a nearby laundromat. However, it is unlikely if you are backpacking out in the wilderness far away from civilization. What is the solution? Then you will want to bring a lot of clothing and roll them up so you can create more space to put other items in your backpack. You also do not need to carry extra bags with you if you roll up your clothes to conserve some extra space. That is the best hack to utilize if you cannot pack light.

Your Water Jug Can Make A Tent Light

When you want to unwind after a hectic day of hiking and mountain biking, you are not going to fall asleep quickly if you go right to bed. Therefore, you will want to sit on your float or foam floor tiles and read a book. Of course, you can use a flashlight, but why do you need to do that? You can light up the tent by wrapping your headlamp around a water jug. That will create a soft light in your tent that is not too bright but not too dim either. It is perfect for reading or sitting up and listening to music on your battery-operated music player.

Place Solar Lights Stakes At The Exterior Of Your Tent

If you have to go to the bathroom in the night and tinkle in the woods, the last thing you will want to do is fumble in the dark. So why not place some solar lights stakes right outside of your tent’s entrance? That way, you will see where you are going, which will prevent you from tripping because it is so dark. But, of course, when you stumble and hurt yourself, that is as uncomfortable as it can get. The nice thing about these solar lights stakes is that they are not too bright to the point that they will bother anyone else camping near you.

Use Pool Noodles To Mark Tent Lines So You No Longer Trip On Them

Speaking of tripping, you may have had moments where you tripped on your tent lines when going to the bathroom in the night. It is bad enough not to see anything unless you use solar lights stakes. However, even with those, you will not see the tent lines which are tripping hazards. So what is the solution to that? Line them with colorful pool noodles. That way, you will know where you are going as you can avoid those areas with the noodles so that you don’t trip. Cozy camping also means not tripping on anything you cannot see when you have to leave your tent in the middle of the night.

Stay Warm!

You also want to ensure that you stay warm when camping as the nights can be chilly even during the summer. Sleep with hot water bottles, and snuggle up with them. You also want to sleep with extra clothing that will keep you warm overnight. If you are shivering all night long, you are not going to get a good night’s sleep, and that means you will not be able to enjoy your hiking excursion the next day because of being too tired. Staying warm at night is just as essential as sleeping in a comfortable setting, such as on soft surfaces.


Camping may have the association with “roughing it,” but it does not mean you cannot have a comfortable experience either. All you need to do is do some careful planning before going on your camping trip to ensure that you stay comfortable in your tent. You will even want to get a camping planner if you feel that would help. Therefore, bring items that will keep you warm and cozy such as your hot water bottles, pool floats, foam floor tiles, and extra clothing. Plan for the likelihood that you will leave your tent at night to go to the bathroom, so you will want to ensure that you can see the tent lines and see where you are going! Stay comfortable and safe on your camping trip!