700C Vs. 26 inches (650C)


In the world today, there are different kinds of outdoor sports and physical activities. All these sports and activities cannot be played without one important piece of equipment or another. If you want to engage in any sport, you must use the right equipment that is comfortable for you at that particular time. If a basketballer wears basketball shoes that are smaller or bigger than his legs, the probability that he will perform to his full ability is very low.

As a rider, your most important piece of equipment is your bike. If you want to enjoy riding, everything about the bike must be tailored to meet your needs on the track and keep you comfortable. The most important part of your bike is the wheels. The wheels determine your tires’ size, and it also indicates how well you would do on your terrain. Most amateur bikers don’t look at wheels critically before buying. However, intermediate and experienced bikers like yourself are aware of the importance of wheels and how it can affect their riding. Wheels are mostly grouped by their sizes(diameters). There are 700C (29-inch) wheels, 650C (26-inch) wheels, 650B (27.5-inch) wheels, and so on. You have to know the differences between these wheels and be perfectly suited to meet your needs. In this article, we will focus on the types of bike wheels and the differences between 700C wheels and 650C wheels. Enjoy!

Types of Bike Wheel

There are different types of bike wheels. As a rider, you must know all of them. The bike wheel subjectively shows you the bike’s full capacity and what you can do with it when you are on track. The popular bike wheels start from 16-inch heels; this one is basically for kids. The next bike wheel is the 20-inch wheel; this wheel is easy to maneuver, and folks who enjoy riding and acrobatics often pick this out. The next bike wheel is the 24-inch bike wheel; this one is a standard full-size wheel. However, it is still smaller than most adult wheels. The 26-inch wheel is the next, and we will review it at length in this article. The next bike wheel is the 27.5-inch wheel, and it is best used in small road frames. The 29-inch wheel is also reviewed in detail in this article. The last bike wheel is extremely uncommon, and you might not see it at your favorite bike shop. This is a 32-inch wheel, and it is only suitable for giants. In this article, we are considering the 26 and 29-inch wheels and the differences between them.

Differences between 700C wheels and 650C wheels

Here are some of the common differences between 700C wheels and 650C wheels.

  • Size

The most obvious difference between 700C wheels and 650C wheels is the size. 700C wheels are slightly larger in diameter than 650C wheels. The wheels are 29-inch and 26-inch, respectively. The difference in size means that 650c wheels are about 200 grams lighter than 700c wheels. Ultimately, it will take a greater amount of force to ride a bike with 700C wheels than it would require for a 650C bike. Before you purchase anyone, make sure you are certain about which wheel would make you most comfortable.

  • Speed

Although 700C wheels are wider than 650C, they have lesser acceleration and hence, lesser speed.

The larger diameter of 700C wheels creates more rotational mass and will require more force before it accelerates. However, with the 6500C, you have more acceleration capabilities and can easily climb mountains and hills better. This is why 700C wheels are referred to as road bikes, while 650C wheels are mountain bikes.

  • Stability and safety

If you have both 700C wheels and 650C wheels and want to choose based on what will keep you most comfortable, you should go for 700C wheels. 700C wheels are designed with a wider radius, and their curves are also wide and gentle. This allows them to glide over the terrain and give you a smooth ride. They help keep you stable and comfortable. 650C is also designed to keep you comfortable, but they are best used on rough terrains like mountains or hills.

  • Access to spare parts

If you live in a city, you can always access any spare part you want. However, spare parts for the 700C wheels are harder to come by in developing countries. The 650cc wheels are smaller, and they are more popular. If anything happens to your wheels, you can easily get it fixed. You have to be sure that before you buy a bike with 700c wheels, you already have a place to fix it in case of damage. 700C bikes are sleeker, and they are referred to as city/road bikes for a reason.

  • Ideal terrain

Before you decide to buy either 700c or 650c wheels, you must determine the routes you will constantly be touring. If you want to bike on the road, then you should go for 700C wheels and tires. These wheels have a large diameter, and they are uniquely designed to allow you to cruise past any holes you might encounter on your way. You can also move quickly and comfortably to your target. However, if you have determined that you will be riding on rough and uneven terrain, then the best wheels for you will be 650C. These wheels are smaller in diameter, and they are easier to control when riding on the mountain. These wheels are also rugged and allow for faster acceleration. 650c wheels are tired are commonly associated with mountain bikes, while 700c wheels are associated with road bikes.


Sporting equipment is made to help you perform better and enjoy your game. Taking the time to know the details of your bike as a rider is a good decision. This article has shown you the importance of wheels and the differences between 700C wheels and 650C. When next you go bike shopping, you would know exactly what you are looking for and how it can serve your riding purposes. Cheers!