Kent kz2600 Review


The Kent Thruster KZ2600 is a hillside bicycle made primarily for tight-budget customers. This bicycle combines many useful properties and is an excellent option for beginners and seasoned hillside cyclists. To begin with, the Kent Thruster KZ2600 has an aluminum chassis. Because of mass and toughness, this frame style stands in the center. One of its most significant benefits is that it is highly immune to natural hazards, such as excessive contact with rain. Please remember, however, that this bicycle is a little on the heavy side.

Moreover, on stones and other obstacles, there is a high chance of damaging the frame. The suspension system is a total suspension bicycle that performs an outstanding work of equally spreading weight around the chassis. It uses a coil fork with a 0.65-centimeter suspension that is ideal for rugged ground.


Kent kz2600 Review (description)

The aluminum chassis and tire make this 40-pound bike stay lightweight enough to be easy to carry but make it heavy enough to survive the task of cycling on the hard floor. They usually leave space for a double suspension to be added, which is frequently possible on more costly designs. Even on slippery or muddy floors, the front disc brakes and back linear brakes allow stopping easily achievable. The Kent Thruster is genuinely a bicycle that provides everything: flexibility, long-lasting durability, and protection.

Kent kz2600 Review (features)

Suspension fork

When you pick a hillside bicycle, it is evident that you can think of things that can make the trip easy, even on rocky ground or endure the rough track. It is something like a dream to buy a complete suspension hillside bicycle with this cash. With a brand new beam suspension design linked to a suspension fork, Kent KZ2600 dual-suspension hillside bicycle has achieved this, offering a 65 mm suspension length to move on a more rough roadside and help smooth out the shaky ground. Also, to improve maneuverability and double shock efficiency, it offers a slight standover length. The shock-absorbing suspension fork allows cyclists to move quickly even if they encounter hilly roads.


The Kent Thruster KZ2600 Double Suspension Rock Bicycle uses two separate brake mechanisms. A manual disc brake is applied to the front wheel, whereas the rear wheel employs a longitudinal pull brake or a rim brake. The disc brake is a simple aluminum Shimano brake mechanism. There is a brilliant stopping power for this sort of brake. While the disc brake is regarded as a modern piece of engineering in the cycling community and is hence one of the most costly parts, Kent certainly did not delay mounting this element in the KZ2600 Thruster. The longitudinal pull brake on the rear should do its work adequately, although it is not as effective as disc brakes. Along with its impressive braking ability, it always supports the disc brake well. Nevertheless, two types of braking systems imply that you will need to invest a little more effort getting to know them and adapting them to your requirements.

Quick Release

For personal relaxation and riding effectiveness, the right adjustment of every part is necessary. A quick-release mechanism is clamped on the layout of the bike’s external surface, which in return clamps them on the center’s locknuts. It also enables the wheels of bikes to be easily removed.

Wheels and rim

For personal relaxation and riding effectiveness, the right adjustment of every part is necessary. A quick-release mechanism is clamped against the external surfaces of the bicycle’s dropouts, which connects them against the center’s locknuts. It also enables the wheels of bikes to be easily removed.


Operates smoothly- It is said that the middle gears work quite comfortably.

Thanks to the extra suspension, it doesn’t tire you out quickly while pedaling.

Classic, costly layout

21 gears for easy modifications and simple navigation

Lightweight Frame of Aluminum


No water bottle holder

No Bottle Holder for Water


Can this bicycle be used on smooth floors?

Yes, definitely. It is, however, mainly made for rough roads. On rugged grounds, older people would like it better,


The KZ2600 was built to make the hillside bicycling ride enjoyable. Its rugged nature is intended to endure the rough roads. The double suspension provides a comfortable trip that keeps the back clear of pain, the 21 gears provide ample range to quickly clear hurdles, and the tires are small to let you perform all this smoothly.