How to Choose A Tent for Camping


You want to go backpacking and mountain biking, and that means you will need to go camping since you plan to have several overnight stays on your backpacking trip. There are so many benefits to that because you will get the physical exercise you need, and that physical activity is excellent for your mental health. You want to make sure that your hiking and camping trip will be as perfect as it can be. One of those things you need to do is choose the right tent for your camping needs. How do you do that since there are so many types of tents? There are many things to consider when choosing the best tent. Let’s go over them now.

Find The Tent That Fits Your Need For Space And Floor Size

Are you camping with several friends, a family, along a pet? Do you plan to camp alone and prefer a lot of space because you are claustrophobic or like having extra space? Then the tent you want to get needs to have plenty of room. You do not want to get a small tent that will barely cover enough space for one person. That would not be good if you are the type that becomes claustrophobic in tighter spaces.

Another thing to consider when it comes to knowing how much space you want in the tent is if you plan to put your backpack or other gear you bring inside of the tent or do you plan to keep it outside. You will need a much roomier tent for that purpose as well. The way you will know is by understanding the floor space of the tent by the square footage. The rule of thumb is if you have a family of more than two or three, you will want to account for 20 square feet per individual. That is something to keep in mind for yourself if you aren’t claustrophobic, don’t mind sleeping in closed spaces, and don’t plan to put your belongings in the tent. In that case, you will not need a large tent. The size and space are essential to consider when buying a tent. You will also want to know about vestibules.

Keep In Mind About The Vestibules Too

The vestibule space is storage that has nothing to do with flooring, and the purpose is to keep the rain from staying out from the tent. Therefore, if the vestibule space is five square feet, that is sufficient to keep the pack out of the rain. If you don’t plan to keep your belongings in the tent because of the space, then you will want to consider a tent with enough vestibules to keep your belongings in the tent with you. That way, you do not need to worry about your belongings getting wet. If you are camping alone and you don’t struggle with claustrophobia, you can get a smaller tent with some vestibules. That way, you can store your belongings inside. You will also want to consider the weight of the tent.

What About The Weight Of The Tent?

The idea of having a tent that is both spacious and lightweight is ideal for campers. However, you know that space and weight conflict with one another. That is because the bigger the tent, the heavier it is, and that is something to consider when you choose a large tent. For example, choosing a tent that houses two people will weigh around four lbs. The weight will not matter if you are car camping, but you will need something easier to handle if you take your mountain bike. That is always to consider when you are looking for the right tent. You may want a larger tent. However, will that be ideal for carrying a larger tent that will inevitably weigh more? You will also need to keep the height of the tent in mind.

Consider The Vertical Size

The way to measure a camping tent is from the ground up to the tent’s exterior and the top. If you want a tall tent, you will need to take away two to three inches from the height because that will be the inches in the ground. Some campers do not care if they have a tall tent, and others prefer it. Therefore, that is another consideration to make when choosing a tent. It is not only the space, the weight, and the height to consider. What about the wall design? That is another thing you will need to take into account.

The Wall Design Matters

When you choose a tent, you must consider its wall design. Do you want a single-wall or double-wall design? Here is the thing about single-wall tents. Even though the single-wall designs are light, they will allow more condensation because of your water vapor. Each time you breathe, you will bring moisture into the tent, and that will cause them to become damp. That is not what you want. However, double-wall designed tents may be heavier, but they can keep the condensation away. Of course, you can always make sure that the venting is good if you choose a single-wall tent.

You will also want to choose tents with clips and sleeves regardless of the wall design, which can help with air circulation. That is essential for ventilation. So that is another thing to consider when choosing the perfect tent for your camping experience.


When you go on a backpacking trip‘ that you plan to take for several days, you want to make sure that your camping experience is perfect. That is why you want to choose the ideal tent before you go. You will need to consider the space you want to have based on how many people are going and your tolerance for closed spaces. Additionally, you need to consider the weight of the tent and the wall design. You cannot choose the first tent you see because there are so many considerations to make when choosing the best tent. Enjoy your backpacking trip and make it safe!