How To Carry A Gun While Backpacking


Many challenges come with backpacking, but you also get so much from it. When it comes to backpacking, you will get the exercise you need, and you also are in touch with nature, which is good for your mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, backpacking is good for you! Even though it is rewarding, it also increases your chances of encountering threats from bears and other wild animals. You want to ensure that you remain safe, which is why you will want to carry a gun with you as you are trailing along. That can be a challenge alone because guns are heavy and bulky. Let’s go further into why you want to carry a firearm when backpacking.

Why Do You Need To Carry A Gun When Backpacking?

Here is the situation. When you are backpacking, you know mother nature quite well. However, when you get to know mother nature, you will also encounter bears, coyotes, foxes, cougars, and so many others that can threaten you. These wild animals will not bother you if you do not bother them. However, the problem is, when you are backpacking, they see you intruding on their environment. You are getting in the way of their territory, which is why they will attack you and potentially kill you. You will need to injure them before they get a chance to do severe damage to you.

The other unfortunate thing is that there could be some humans that lurk around that can look for an opportunity to harm you. You know the saying that bad things happen to good people. You are a nice gal or guy who has been the type to be there for everyone in a time of need. You decide to go backpacking. Suddenly, someone wants to kill you in the woods; that is an example of that saying right there. You will need that gun for self-defense purposes, and if that happens, you will not get charged because you can easily prove to have shot the individual attacking you for self-defense.

Even though the odds of someone out of the blue attacking you are low, taking a gun with you means you are preparing for the worst. And not needing to use it means to hope for the best. Carrying a gun only means you are better off being safe than sorry. So let’s go over the following query: whether or not you can have a firearm when backpacking.

Are You Allowed To Carry A Gun While Backpacking?

In most jurisdictions, you can carry a gun if you are backpacking. Everyone knows that you can encounter threats from wild animals and humans with bad intentions. It is imperative to defend yourself in those situations, and a gun is the best way to do that. However, you need to check with your jurisdiction if you are allowed to carry a weapon, and if you aren’t, you may want to reconsider backpacking. Odds are you can, however.

In most countries, possessing a firearm is legal in national forests and national parks for this reason. That is where the wild resides, and they will quickly see you as an intruder. First, however, it would be best to find out the rules regarding how you carry the gun and what other regulations you must know when you do. That is where laws in different jurisdictions will vary.

You will also want to know about the gun laws in neighboring states or provinces if you cross into them. As long as you do your homework, you will be fine. Now, let’s talk about how you can be the most comfortable while carrying a gun. Since guns are bulky and heavy to carry, comfort is a significant issue while backpacking.

How Can You Carry A Gun Comfortably While Backpacking?

When you are backpacking, you will carry a purse or a messenger bag along with you, and they are challenging to carry when it comes to backpacking. If you have a belt, that will be pretty uncomfortable too. They all conflict when you hold a backpack. So not only are you struggling with comfort, but you struggle with balance too. Endurance is also a problem when you are not comfortable. You may last for a mile or two, but after that, you will struggle.

However, the good news is, you no longer have to rely on carrying a firearm in a messenger bag or a purse. You have options when it comes to open or concealed carry. Many backpacks and daypacks have the design to carry firearms. Whether you choose an open or concealed carry depends on the laws of your jurisdiction. If you plan to cross the state or province, you must know the neighboring jurisdictions’ laws.

Unless you are hunting, concealed carry is a better option. You would not want a passer-by to see a gun in plain sight. Therefore, one option for carrying a weapon is using a drop leg holster or a drop holster. You don’t have to worry about too many straps with those holsters, which will not rub sensitive skin.

You can also use a chest holster which may be easier to use. You can carry the weight of the gun and the weight of your backpack, and the weapon is easily accessible if you need it. There are also undergarment holsters if you want to go that route—the best thing is to look for options that allow you to carry the gun most conveniently. You may choose a drop leg holster, a drop holster, or a chest holster. That depends on your comfort level.


You want to backpack, and you also know you need to stay safe as you do as you will encounter wild animals and people with bad intentions. The best way to defend yourself in those situations is by carrying a gun. First, however, you need to check gun laws with your or neighboring jurisdictions. Secondly, you want to bring your weapon in the most comfortable way, which is why you want to look at leg drop holsters, drop holsters, or chest holsters, or maybe undergarment holsters. That way, you can stay comfortable and have peace of mind that you will remain safe when you want to enjoy your backpacking experience.