Essential iPad Apps For Our Trip


In our world today, everything is connected to a digital device and an online platform. Technology has ushered into a golden age of human existence, and you can easily find information on your electronic device. This fact is relevant for students, banks, governments, organizations, and even cyclers. If you are a cycler and planning to go on a bike packing trip, you should check out multiple valuable apps on your mobile device. If you happen to use an Apple tablet (iPad), you will find apps to help you in any bike packing trip. These apps are filled with different kinds of information that will help you plan your trip and enjoy every minute of it. In this article, we have outlined some of these apps, and we have briefly explained them. Enjoy!

Necessary iPad apps for bike packing trips


If you plan to go for a bike-packing trip and take lots of pictures and videos, then you would need to download Airstash+ on your iPad. This application is designed to allow you to upload photos and videos from your SD card wirelessly. It also allows you to transfer these files to your computer without the internet or iTunes. You should download this app for easy storage.


If you are a travel blogger and love writing about your bike packing trips, then Blogsy is perfect for you. This application allows you to write posts for your WordPress website, and it also allows you to work offline. The beautiful thing about this phone application is that they have a built-in web browser that easily allows you to copy and drag items to your blog posts. This means that you can upload photos with ease and complete your blog post quickly.


If you are going on a bike packing trip, you need to download an app that operates as a diary and a log. The perfect app for this function is Pages. Pages are uniquely designed to allow you to write articles for your website, update your diary, manage travel documents and write stories about your travels. If you are looking for an iPad app that acts like Microsoft word, this one is perfect for you.


If you are going bike packing because you want to explore the outdoors and take beautiful pictures when doing it, then you should use iPhoto on your iPad. This application is designed to store all your photos, and it allows you to edit them for your social media posts uniquely.


When you are outdoors, you might not always have access to the network, and this means you would not have access to Wikipedia if you come across something and want to ask a question. However, you would have access to the offline Encyclopedia app. This app is designed with completely up-to-date information on general topics, and you would find relevant information whenever you want.

Good Reader

One essential app that all bike-tacking tourists should have is Good reader. This app is designed to store books, and this includes ebooks like bike manuals, travel guides, repair manuals, and a lot of other things. If you have a book you would need on your trip; then good readers will be the perfect place to store them.


If you are bike-packing for adventure, then you should use the iMovie app on your iPad. This app is designed to allow you to create short videos and upload them to your social media.


When you are bike-packing, you might not be able to access the internet. However, as soon as you get to a place where you can access the internet, you can use skype to call your friends and loved ones. This would usually involve you downloading the app on your iPad in the first place.

Flickr Studio

If you run a travel blog and one of the reasons you are bike packing is to get images of your trip online, you should check out Flickr studio. This app allows you to easily download, edit and perfect your photos before sending them out to the internet.

My Maps

This app will come with your iPad, but we need to mention it because of its influence these days. The Google map is the holy grail of mapping and finding any location in this world, and you would need to know how to utilize it efficiently if you don’t want to get lost on any journey.


Mobile applications are one of the most critical technology features today, and everybody with an intelligent device uses multiple applications on that device. If you are a cycler going on a bike touring journey, you should have all the necessary apps that will help you embark on a successful trip. If you happen to use an iPad, then we have outlined some of the best apps you can choose to download. Cheers!