Cycling and Meditating


The primary benefit of cycling is exercise. When you cycle, you expend energy, and your heart beats faster. You also get to do a full-leg body workout. Cycling offers you multiple simultaneous exercises that will add to your energy and make your body stronger. However, there is also one incredible benefit of cycling that most cyclers overlook. This benefit is meditating. Most great entrepreneurs claim that they get their best ideas when driving or when they are in the shower. However, when cycling is done in a certain way, it offers room for deep meditation and mental relaxation. For example, if you decide to go riding alone through a forest pathway with wide low bushes, you would find that your mind will be more relaxed than usual. You can ride through different routes and meditate because cycling tends to take your mind away from current events in these moments. You could even go on a quiet ride with your partner and feel deeply connected than ever. If you want to go cycling and meditating, we have compiled some beautiful tips to aid this experience. Cheers!

Tips for successfully meditating when cycling

Clear your mind

Whether you are on a bike or sitting on the floor chanting ominous sounds like a guru, the first step necessary for any meditation is to clear your mind. Our minds are always filled with random thoughts at every moment, and if meditation must be successful, then you have to silence those thoughts and focus on having a clear mind. When you are riding on your bicycle, and you are not thinking about work, bills, or any other stress-related activity in your mind, then the meditation process can begin.

Go road biking

If you are planning to cycle and meditate, then you should go road biking. Some folks say mountain biking helps clear their mind because mountain biking is intended as a rigorous physical activity that helps boost both physical and mental agility. However, mountain biking is not the best option when cycling and meditating. The best option is road biking because you can easily take it slow and ride around while getting lost in nature and your environment.

Go to a quiet route

Once you decide to go road biking, the next and most crucial step is to find a quiet route. If you plan to cycle and meditate, you cannot do that on a noisy or busy road. Meditating involves concentrating on our inner mind, and you need a quiet environment to do this successfully. This why you need to find a calm place to cycle when you want to meditate.

Ride on known routes

Have you ever wondered why you can think of other things when driving to your workplace and still arrive safely without crashing anyone on the road? It is because your mind has pre-recorded the route from your house to your office and you can afford to let your mind wander when driving. The same thing applies to cycling. When you are cycling and meditating, you need to do this on known routes. If you want to go cycling and meditating, you cannot do that on unknown routes because you have to concentrate and figure out where you are riding actively. However, if you ride on known trails that are familiar, you can quickly enter the flow state and meditate.

Ride till you find your flow

After finding the perfect, quiet route and riding, the next step is to ride till you find your flow. Psychologists have described the flow state as the only state where your conscious mind and your subconscious mind operate in sync perfectly. If you plan to cycle and meditate, you would need to ride around till you no longer notice that you are consciously hanging and your mind is fixated on almost nothing.

Enjoy the cool breeze

When you have found your flow, then you know your meditation is in full gear. You should go ahead to enjoy the cool breeze blowing on your face and continue to ride slowly with happiness in your heart.

Enjoy the sights

When you are riding, make sure you enjoy the sights from time to time. The best cycling and meditating activity are best carried out when a natural body is around your routes (water, forest, etc.). It would be best if you enjoyed the sights as you ride and meditate.


If you want to go cycling and meditating, you can be sure that this will be a wonderful experience. Cycling through smooth routes will clear your mind and help you ease stress. It can also help with cases of depressions, and riding is recommended for anyone experiencing mental stress. If you cycle with less energy and more relaxation, you will likely enjoy your time more, and meditation will come more easily. Any cycler that wants to meditate while cycling will find the tips in this helpful article. Cheers!