Backpacking in Japan


Japan is a country known for its cultural uniqueness and prosperity in technology. The country has a vast population of 125 million citizens, making it the eleventh most populous country globally and its major cities are densely populated. However, it is uniquely structured, urbanized and well-organized. Japan is a rich country, and the standard of living is quite high. However, citizens’ average income is designed to match this standard with Japan recording a per capita income of 41,000 dollars in 2020. This country has unique cultural sites, wonderful structures and technological powers that will blow you away. If you love to travel and engage in outdoor experiences, you should consider taking a trip to Japan. This article has been put together to show you how to go backpacking in Japan successfully. Enjoy!

Factors to consider before backpacking in Japan

Preparation is necessary before every trip. Before you go ahead on your trip, these are some of the key things you need to know about Japan.

  • Accommodation

If you are going to travel to a county, the first thing you have to take care of is your accommodation. Like we said earlier, the standard of living in Japan is quite high, and since you are backpacking, staying in a hotel for an extended period might not be cost-effective. The best choice for backpackers is to stay in a hostel. Japan has many quaint hostels for tourists, and you would easily find a resting place there. The hostels are also filled with Japanese culture, and you can enjoy its unique history while you are indoors.

  • Food

In Japan, the only familiar edible you will come across is likely coffee. The Japanese people love their culture, and this reflects in the food they eat. You would have to be ready to try some good Japanese food if you intend to visit the country. Some of the common Japanese food that you are sure to come across include Sushi, Natto, Ramen noodles and so on.

  • Budget

One of the advantages of visiting a prosperous country like Japan is that they always have everybody covered. Whether you are rich or not, you can still conveniently meet all your basic needs with just 65 euros per day. You can backpack for two weeks with as little as 1,500 euros.

  • Weather

Although Japan is small in geographical size, it has a relatively active climate. The southern part of the country has a tropical climate while the northern part has long, cold winters. If you want to visit the country, you should go around October to December. Celebrations are in the air, and the weather is quite alright at this point.

  • Visa

Backpackers from the United States and Europe are quite lucky. Visa and most registration processes only occur if you want to stay in the country longer than six months or work in the country. Since you are backpacking, you can travel to Japan and get your Visa on arrival.

  • Transportation

When it comes to transportation, Japan is certainly one of the best in the world. The public transport system reflects the ingenuity and efficiency of its famous automobile industry. You can get around the country quickly and comfortably. If you are moving around a lot, you should get a JR pass before leaving your home country. This pass is only available to tourists, and it allows for unlimited travels on affiliate buses.

  • Cities and Sightseeing

Japan is a unique country, and it has many urban cities, temples, palaces and cultural centres. If you go to Tokyo, you have the opportunity to visit many amazing places like the Studio Ghibii museum (largest animation museum in Japan), Tsukiji fish market (largest fish market in the world), the Tokyo sky tree (the tallest tower in Japan). The nightlife of Japan is also on the upside, and there are cool spots for relaxation. There are also other cities like Mount fuji, Matsumoto, Kyoto and so on.

Important tips for backpacking in Japan

If you hope to enjoy your trip to Japan, then you should accustom yourself to some of its helpful systems and societal norms. Here are a few tips for successful backpacking in Japan.

  • Show some respect

Japanese people are very culturally aware, and they place respect very high on their pedestal. Anytime you are talking to anybody (Waiter, helper, tour guide, receptionist), always speak with respect. You might not bow as a tourist, but you should always show respect

  • Always wear appropriate socks

You might not be allowed to wear shoes in some pubic places and temples. You also won’t be allowed to these places enter bare feet. Before embarking on your journey, get a few pairs of socks (preferably white).

  • Use a locker

Travelling all around with your luggage can be tiring. You could store this luggage in the lockers at the train stations. Japan is a safe country, and nobody will steal your goods.

  • Be on your best behaviour

Japan maintains a very strong silence and queueing culture. There is rarely noise on the bus, elevators and general public places. Everybody waits their turn, and the set up is orderly. You have to be on your best behaviour if you want to enjoy Japan.

  • Get a tour guide

Japan is a generally safe place, and the people there are comfortable. However, you can’t have a community without a few bad elements. The pickpockets and other miscreants in japan have been known to target unsuspecting tourists. They often come across these tourists in bars and around clubs. If you are thinking of going to Japan, then getting a tour guide familiar with the ins and outs of the city you intend to visit will be good for you.


Japan is one of the most beautiful countries globally, and it is also one of the most conservative. If you intend to visit the country and enjoy your trip, it is important to get as much information as possible before you go ahead. This article has shown some of the important things you have to consider before backpacking in japan. Although Japan is majorly known for its automobiles, there is also room for cyclers to compete and have as much fun as they want. You can always enjoy the outdoors of Japan on your bike. Cheers!