Trek Domane SLR Bike Review


The third generation Trek Domane is the best road bike available on the market. The Domane SLR offers more than most bikes; it provides its owner comfort, performance, versatility, and practicality. It’s even more aerodynamic than the older model, so it saves 12 watts at 40Kph, which is about 1 minute of time saved per hour; it comes with hidden fender mounts, takes a 38mm tire, and has a sleek internal storage.

Trek Domane SLR Bike Review

The Domane 2020 is the third generation of Trek’s endurance and race frame. It is described as the most versatile performance road bike ever. The bike’s vertical compliance is improved by the IsoSpeed decoupler system Trek launched. In the first generation Domane, it worked by promoting extra flex in the frame tubes. In the second generation Domane, the front IsoSpeed was added and also adjustable rear IsoSpeed. However, in the third generation but solely in the SLR models, they added the top tube adjustable IsoSpeed system made for the Madone SLR.

The system is 27 times more compliant than its predecessor; it comes with a rubber elastomer that provides damping to reduce the disturbing bounce. This new Domane model uses Trek’s modified seatmast system, but the cap now fits into the tube instead of over it with an internal binder for a sleek look. The top of the mast comes in different lengths and two offsets. Majority of the generation 3 models are shipped with 32mm tires. The bigger tires and more comfortable and offer a better grip on the ground.

The Domane SLR can fit a 38mm tire with clearance of 4mm on all sides. This means you can shoehorn in a bigger tire, probably something up to 40mm, but it’ll have less debris clearance. This model also comes with hidden fender mounts; fenders can fit up to 35mm tires. The engineers at Trek were able to add a bit of free speed to the bike by adding a few aerodynamic features. The gains are due to the newly refined tube shapes, new smart hose, and housing routing.

The Domane features a front IsoSpeed system which prevents Trek from placing hoses and housing along with the steerer. Meanwhile, on the domane, the hoses and housing enter the frame from behind the headset and are directed by a hoop that clips into the bike’s Bontrager stem. The Domane is compatible with any stem model, but the Bontrager stem works with the hose and housing hoop.

The Domane is Trek’s first bike to launch with the new internal storage system. It uses the same concept as the Specialized SWAT box. To open the box, you simply have to remove the panel under the bottle carrier to reach the inside of the down tube. Also included with the bike is a cloth-covered organizer tool and spots for a tube, Co2 cartridge, tire lever, and inflator head. However, the size varies with the frame size of the bike. In the future, you’ll be seeing more of this system on Trek models.

Key Features

Internal storage system

Clearance for up to 38mm tires

27% more compliant than the older model

Improved aerodynamics, saves 12 watts


Brand: Trek

Model: Domane SLR

Weight: 18.9 lb (54cm)

Price: $7,800

Style: All Road

Tire Clearance: 38mm

Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegro Di2

Handlebar: Bontrager Pro IsoCore VR-CF

Saddle: Bontrager Arvada

Stem: Bontrager Pro

Chainrings: 34/50

Material: Carbon

Cassette: 11 – 32

Brakes: Shinamo Ultegra Hydraulic Disc

Tires: Bontrager 32 Hard-Case Lite, 32mm

Wheels: Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3v, 25mm internal width, tubeless-ready


It is a beautiful blend of comfort, speed, and versatility

It has a huge model range

Excellent power transfer

It has a high performance rate

Great wheels

Comfortable for long rides

It comes with lots of new features


It can be quite heavy

The lower models have no adjustability

Tires cut easily


Trek’s Domane SLR bike is known as the best-ever road bike. This bike surpasses others by a mile; it offers equal parts comfort, performance, versatility, and practicality. It features compliance enhancing decouplers at its front and rear, which help to improve the rider’s control and comfort. The bike has more stability than other road racing bikes, making it one of the best bikes to descend with and also making it a capable light gravel and all-road bike. Bike enthusiasts will love riding with this bike as it offers exhilarating experiences.