Merax Finiss 26 Review


The “Merax Finiss hillside bicycle 26” is unmatched for fast, durable, and convenient hillside biking. This is the bicycle you have to aim for if you search for a bicycle that can keep your expenses and wouldn’t want to spend a large amount of cash. As a rough ground bicycle, the Merax bicycle has earned a name around the globe. Strong suspense is the most regarded thing in intimidating ground bicycles.


Merax Finiss 26 Review (Description)

The 26-inch aluminum Merax Finiss bicycle is constructed with high-temperature aluminum. The bicycle is light because of an 8 cm ride suspension fork made from aluminum. It helps the structure be further on the right side, making it easier for the bicycle to hold or carry around. This compact structure is portable and reliable, So there’s no concern regarding any destruction. The suspension fork flattens the ride on rougher surfaces and provides the cyclists with perfect regulation of this bicycle. So, when riding on rocky areas, you’ll rarely experience uncomfortable or sick of rocks. Aluminum is valued stronger than steel. It is metal safe from rust. For a hillside bicycle, this is quite relevant. With both the aluminum framework and the wheels, the Merax Finiss is one of the simplest bicycles in the industry at a minimal price value below $300.

Merax Finiss 26 Review (features)


The welfare state it can give you when you explore and begin to understand your speed restrictions is examined when purchasing a touring bicycle. To ensure safety Merax Finiss using Shimano parts not only for its front and rear disc brakes, which enable greater stopping capacity, especially if you’re at high speeds. More reliable brake efficiency than conventional rim brakes is ensured by double disc brakes. On more extraordinary hillside bicycles, you may usually only hope to see dual disc brakes. At this price range, it is incredibly amazing to see double disc brakes on a touring bicycle. It is an excellent reference for cyclists to get a deeper understanding of the right pace at which they are confident as it has a reliable, straightforward brake that guarantees a strong stopping capacity at any pace level and offers protection.


Unlike every previous touring bicycle in the industry, it possesses an outstanding layout. The great look is boosted with three distinct colors, namely black and green beauty, red and black elegant or white and blue love. Exquisitely and stylishly of design, these patterns are seen even in the pedals. This bicycle not only shows a fantastic look but also has a great structure, pedals, and disc brake feature.

Frame and wheels

To guarantee that the bicycle is stable and reliable, the aluminum structure and rim are preheated. The durability of the aluminum is improved by this operation. Also, it decreases the hardness of the bicycle. As an effect, this hillside bicycle remains lightweight and powerful, and attractive. This is one of the bicycle’s widely mentioned advantages. Its wheels, also, are built from magnesium alloy. This makes it lighter but powerful. As a consequence, it enables the rider to maximize speed without further attention.


It is both quick and straightforward to mount the bicycle. Using the provided equipment will take approximately 25 minutes. Be sure that you properly attach the front wheel and handlebar. When you do not precisely obey the instructions, it can be a bit difficult. The rear brake lever is already mounted, which removes the additional step. Arrangements take time, but they are relatively easy and will help eliminate any future problems.

Suspension system

Your wellbeing should be ensured on a touring bicycle. You have to be secure, irrespective of the danger of hilly roads, potential accidents, and unforeseen barriers. This target is met by the proposed sensitive suspension system. These features guarantee that the cyclist can take on challenges and lessen the likelihood of an accident. Merax Finiss Terrain Bicycles are designed to provide excitement while riding. If the cyclist is concerned about injuries, this cannot be done.


Simple to bring together.

It’s light due to its aluminum body.

Highly cheap with pricey qualities

Mechanical Braking Disc

Looks strong and bright


No adjusting handlebar.

The wheels are not very strong.


Is the bike already assembled?

No, the bike comes mounted at 85 percent. The pedals, front wheel, handlebar, and air up the tires would need to be mounted

What’s the appropriate size for this bicycle?

This bicycle is excellent for someone under 135kg and is suitable for someone 5’4 to 6 feet.


The Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Touring Bicycle is the most excellent hillside bicycle and a great option! It is reasonably light, has a healthy disc braking feature, and a stylish wheel package.