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Bicycles top the list of the most used means of transportation in the world today, and it is not about to change because humans are still keen on riding bicycles. Also, in terms of pricing, they are relatively very cheap to afford, unlike other forms of transportation. They are great for transportation, sports, working out, and for leisure use. However, there are different bike brands, and it is essential to get the best whenever you decide to purchase one. Since there are different types of brands, this article will emphasize profitable bicycle brands that will suit everyday use.

Additionally, there are different bike models with various price ranges for all class people. The good news is that the latest brands of bicycles are pretty much stylish, adorable, and fashionable. Therefore, to choose one of the good bicycle brands, there are things you need to consider. It would be best if you put into consideration the durability of the bike, the aesthetics, strength, color, and every other thing you want in a motorcycle.

Below Are The List Of The Good Bicycle Brands

[LIST-B] (Merida Bikes)

The 1970s saw the revolution of bicycles because many excellent bicycle companies emerged during this time. Therefore, we can attribute the 1970s as the maiden era of bikes. One of the great companies that came into existence during this time is Merida Industry Co Ltd. They are a Taiwan based bicycle company that began its operation in 1972, and they have since made a name for themselves in the bicycle industry.

Ike Tseng founded the Merida bicycle company, and you will love to know that over 2.2 million bikes are being produced yearly by this company. They have considerably grown to be very successful in the business of bicycles. Additionally, you will like to know that they have branches in about 77 countries all over the world.

This bike brand is well known for its quality products and the stylish designs of its bikes. Additionally, they let out their bikes for premium prices, and you will love the convenience afforded to their bikes.

[LIST-B] (Kona Bicycles)

If we were to talk about the big players in the bicycle industry, there is no way we will miss out on Kona Bicycles. They are famous for their highly rigid bikes, and they produce their bikes in Vancouver, Washington, and Geneva. The Kona company was founded in 1988, and you can always trust the quality they offer.

Kona has a reputation for being the first bike to design mountain bike ranges that have complete tubes. Additionally, bike riders popularly know Kona Bikes for its ability to ride freely on extreme downhill terrains without glitches.

The materials Kona use in designing their bikes also make them very popular because they are of quality. They make use of excellent materials like fiber, carbon, steel, aluminum, and titanium. They have their branches and production centers all across 60 countries. Lastly, they produce a wide range of bike types like commuter bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross, and many others.

[LIST-B] (Giant)

The Giant Bicycle company is one of a kind; it is one of the most well-known bicycle brands in the world today. They are widely sought after, and they rarely disappoint in terms of the quality bikes they dish out.

The Giant Manufacturing Co has a Taiwan based manufacturer, and its manufacturing plants are situated in China and the Netherlands. They are a big company with more than 12000 retail shops scattered across over 50 countries globally. The company’s popularity and the quality bikes they make earns them a minimum of one billion dollars per year in revenue.

Giant Bicycle company produces bikes of all types, and you can expect to get excellent features from their bikes. What you will get from patronizing this company is perfect designs, including dual suspensions and quality frames. Finally, Giant bicycle was founded in 1972 with the straightforward goal of making the cycling world easily accessible.

[LIST-B] (GT Bikes)

Gart Tumer and Richard Long founded GT bikes in 1972, and the company has since become one of the best in the industry. It is a company with a genuine workforce since its inception, and they have never compromised on their quality. GT bikes are situated in Santa Ana, California, and they major in the production of three types of bikes like BMX bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

One thing that sets the GT bikes brand apart from other brands is its design. The company decided to adopt a triple triangle design, and it has since given the company a boost in the biking industry.

Another impressive feature is the sleek suspension that brings comfort to the riders of GT bikes. In terms of looks, you can expect GT bikes to give you attractive designs that will always make you proud amongst your peers.

[LIST-B] (Santa Cruz)

Talk about popularity, excellent performance, and high quality, Santa Cruz company is the one to relish. They are a bike-producing company that outperforms the majority of its peers in the bicycle industry.

Santa Cruz biking company came into existence in 1993 after Roskopp Rob and Rich Novak founded it. Since its inception as a company, the only reputation associated with the company is maximum quality bikes. They have maintained their own culture following the set quality of the first bike they ever produced in 1994. In terms of quality, Santa Cruz bikes come with maximum suspension and a well-designed three-inch travel pivot

The Santa Cruz company has its location in California, and it promises swift pedaling, which makes it easy for riders to ride up on hills. As much as Santa Cruz has a reputation for producing a high-end quality bike, they still maintain a reputation for budget-friendly bikes. Hence, it is one of the most affordable brands in the market.


As mentioned above, bicycles retain the number one post for the most used means of transportation globally. The primary reason behind this is because it is the most budget-friendly means of transportation in terms of purchase. Additionally, the cost of bicycles’ maintenance is meager, making them very easy to buy.

However, in terms of quality, safety, convenience, and affordability, all bikes on this list can serve that purpose. Therefore, deciding to buy any of the good bicycle brands on this list will be one of the best decisions you have made.