Bicycle Touring the Netherlands


If you ever go bicycle touring in Europe, you should visit the Netherlands. This small European country happens to have some of the most beautiful tourist attraction centers you will ever see. The country is blessed with color, and their orange everything is bound to leave an impact on your imagination long after you have left the place. If you plan to go bicycle touring in the Netherlands, you have made the best adventure decision. In this article, we have outlined some of the best places you can visit when you travel to the Netherlands. Enjoy!

Amazing places to visit in The Netherlands when you go bike packing


If you ever go bike packing in the Netherlands, then you should make sure you visit Rotterdam. Although this city was thoroughly affected by world war II, the city has grown to become one of the most beautiful Netherlands. You could enjoy its international film festival and its North-sea festival when you go bike packing in the summer. You could also visit the museum and other tourist attractions.

The Hague

The Hague is arguably the best place to visit in the Netherlands. This city has a huge collection of wonderful artworks, and its Royal picture gallery attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you ever go bike packing in Amsterdam, you should visit the Scheveningen beach.


If you happen to be a lover of European culture, you would love to visit Leiden when you go bike packing in the Netherlands. This city is perfect for bicycle touring, and it is home to one of the oldest universities in the country. It also has a Latin school and many museums. The museums are all centered in a particular area, and you can be sure you will enjoy yourself if you ever visit Leiden.


This city is one of the Netherlands’ oldest cities, and it embodies the history and culture of the Dutch. When you go bike packing in Haarlem, you can ride through cities that have stayed the same over the centuries. You would be impressed with the museums, shopping centers, and architecture of Haarlem and you can be sure that you will have a lot of amazing pictures when you leave this place.


If you want to enjoy the colors, nightlife, and every other thing that the Netherlands has to offer, then you should visit Amsterdam when you go bike packing. This city has a lot of roads and canals that you can ride through. The city also comes with fantastic museums and a canal ring that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Netherlands is a special place in Europe flowing with History, and Utrecht is one of the cities specializing in this place. Utrecht is an ancient town, and it still embodies some elements of old architecture within its walls. If you go bike packing in this town, you can be sure that you will have a lot to see and many pictures to take when you get back.


If you are planning to go bike packing in the Netherlands and looking to tour around in a place that offers you culture from the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, you should visit Maastricht. This city has a versatile cultural history, and you would find Italian, Spanish and French cultures within its walls. There are also many wonderful places to visit in this city, and you can always tour around and take beautiful pictures.

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

If you ever go bike packing in the Netherlands and don’t visit the De Hoge Veluwe National Park, you didn’t go anywhere. This national park has about 1,700 free bicycles for everybody to enjoy, and you can always find people to ride with you. You can watch birds from the top of your bike and see other people riding on their bikes.


Another place you can visit if you ever go to the Netherlands in Delft. This city sits on top of countless canals and has many popular sites, including the Prinsenhof museum and the renaissance styled city wall. If you ever go bike packing in the Netherlands, you can enjoy the beautiful History in Delft.

The Wadden Islands

The Wadden islands is a collection of five islands, and every bike packer should visit this place. You can enjoy the beaches and relax after you have successfully toured the Netherlands.


You can’t claim to have fully explored Europe if you have not visited the Netherlands. This place is blessed with some of the best views, and its colorful cities are truly a sight to see. If you are going bicycle touring in this country, you have a better chance of seeing the landscape and taking beautiful pictures of the country. This article outlined some of the best cities and places you can visit when you go bike packing in the Netherlands. Cheers!