10 Tips for Cyclo-Cross Newbies


If you took up cycling because you wanted to compete against other riders, you should consider starting with a cyclocross race. A cyclocross race is designed as the perfect bike race for newbies. If you want to compete favorably in a cyclocross race, you should check out the tips outlined in this article. Enjoy!

Ten tips for cyclocross newbies

Use the right clipless pedals

If you want to compete and dominate in a cyclocross race, you have to use the right clipless pedals. You can try using Shimano SPDs. However, those have limited use in wet environments. The best pedals to use will be the Crank brothers’ pedals. This one is less susceptible to clogging when you ride through muddy areas. If you want it to perform to its full capacity, add a little dry wax to the lube to reduce the amount of dirt it gathers.

Take note of your tire pressure

If you are going for a cyclocross race, you should always look at your tire pressure. Generally, it would be best if you kept in mind that less is more. Before you look at the tire pressure, you should consider the following things; your body weight, riding style, the weather, and the technicality of the course. Then, you can try to adjust the pressure to fit you perfectly.

Position your hood right

You should wear your hood so that it can fit perfectly. However, if you want to go the way of most cyclocross newbies, you would position the hood at a higher angle. They do this so that they can have more comfort and control the descents better.


Before you engage in any sport or activity, it is always advisable to warm up because it is not advisable to call your body into fast and immediate action. This is the same for the cyclocross race. When you warm up with your bike, you can place your body in a perfect position to fire off immediately after the race starts.

Save energy

Have you ever seen a marathon runner running like a sprinter? Doing this automatically spells a recipe for disaster, and the runner is certain to lose, which applies to cyclocross races. Most courses are extensive. This means enough time and room for different people to overtake and ride past each other before the winner is eventually declared. You should make sure you conserve your energy when starting and increase periodically as you proceed in the race.

Slow down and recover

When you begin to accelerate, you must slow down from time to time to recover before you fire on again. The racecourse is always very wide, and you cannot maintain a constant level of energy output through the process. Therefore, you would have to slow down sometimes to recharge and recover.

Make solid decisions about your line choice

When you engage in a cyclocross race, you have to think about line choices quickly and decisively. Your line choice can sometimes determine if you would win or lose a game, and you have to learn how to optimize when making line choices.

Go faster

Are you afraid to go faster? Then, when you are involved in a cyclocross race and get nearer to the end of the race, you should pick up your speed and ride as fast as you can. This will allow you to distinguish yourself from other racers.

Study professionals

One of the best ways to study something is by looking at how professionals do it. This is why YouTube is such a wonderful platform. You can learn online, and you can also learn from people you know who are good at cyclocross racing.

Have fun

IF you are not having fun, then you should not be doing it in the first place. Riding is fun, and when you get to compete with other people, it becomes more interesting.


One of the best ways you can build yourself as a cycler is to compete against other cyclers. A cyclocross race is the best avenue for newbies, and you can easily distinguish yourself as a good rider. However, you have to follow a few guidelines to participate and dominate in this race effectively. We have outlined some of the best tips you can follow if you plan to engage in a cyclocross race. Cheers!