SRAM NX Vs. GX Review


What separates experts from regulars in any field is the amount of information they have on that subject. When you start in any area, you learn the basics, the essential details, and then you master everything that will make you better than average. However, if you want to become an expert, then you must go the extra mile. Suitable cyclers know how to ride and pay attention to their bicycle’s specific features that have to do with performance. However, great cyclers are particular about their bikes and every inch of the equipment. A critical part of the motorcycle that suitable cyclers take for granted is the drivetrain. The drivetrain consists of various compartments, and the efficient running of this component will automatically determine your performance on the road. If you want to learn about drive trains, you are sure to come across the SRAM Eagle Group Set. In this review, we want to explain the SRAM NX Eagle Groupset and GX Eagle Group Set. Enjoy!

SRAM NX Eagle Groupset

The SRAM NX Eagle GroupSet is uniquely designed to give you the best possible value at the lowest possible cost. This group set is a 12-speed drivetrain, and the entire kit costs only 375 dollars. The NX Eagle cassette comes with a standard mount that makes it compatible with almost all bicycles available on the market. The entire drivetrain is uniquely built to work with most bikes, and we would go-ahead to break down the parts of this set.

Component Products

SRAM NX Eagle Crankset

This crankset is made out of 6000 series forged aluminum, and it weighs 705g. It available in 165mm, 170mm, and 175mm crank arm lengths.

SRAM NX Eagle Trigger Shifter

This trigger shifter weighs 112g, and it allows you to experience a smoother and more reliable shifting experience.

SRAM NX Eagle Rear Derailleur

This derailleur weighs about 339g, and it features a cage lock design. It is also designed with a type 3 roller clutch.

SRAM NX Eagle PG-1230 Cassette

This cassette comes with a standard 7/8/9/10 speed freehub body, and it weighs 615g. This cassette is built for durability.

SRAM NX Eagle Chain

This Chain weighs about 278 grams, and it has about 114 links. It is designed with Flow Link technology, and it is compatible with all eagles


12-speed drive train

1x specific

Trigger shifter

HG splined Shimano freehub body

11-50t cassette range

SRAM GX Eagle Groupset

The GX Eagle drivetrain is purposely designed to give the optimum performance of a 12-speed, 500% range smooth action drivetrain system at the lowest possible cost. Riders worldwide can now install a drivetrain system and even mix up their kit till they find what is ideal for them. The GX drivetrain system comes in multiple compartments that can be changed and matched across most bicycles. This drivetrain costs about 545 dollars.

Component Products

SRAM GX Eagle DUB Crankset

This crankset is made from 7000 series forged aluminum, and it weighs 621 grams. It is designed for the SRAM Eagle chain only, and it is 175mm long.

SRAM GX Eagle Shifter

This shifter weighs 122 grams and has a fixed downshift lever. It has a forged aluminum trigger and a grip shift option.

SRAM GX Eagle Derailleur

This derailleur weighs about 290 grams, and it has a 50-tooth top cog. It is designed with X-actuation technology, and it has a cage lock feature.

SRAM GX Eagle Cassette

This cassette weighs about 450 grams, and it has a 500% 10-50 tooth range. The first 11 cogs are individually pinned together, and they work with the SRAM Eagle chain only.

SRAM GX Eagle Chain

This Chain weighs about 258 grams, and it has 114 links. The external links are nickel-plated, and it has a flow link technology.


1x Specific

12-speed drivetrain

10-52t Cassette

XD Driver specific

Grip shift

Carbon or Alloy cranks

SRAM NX Group Set Versus SRAM GX Group Set


SRAM GX chain comes with a chrome treatment, while the NX chain is made with plain steel plates.


SRAM NX drivetrain costs about 375 dollars while GX drivetrain costs about 545 dollars


SRAM NX shifters have a whole plastic body, while GX shifters are partly made with steel


SRAM NX cranks are made from 6000-series aluminum alloy, while GX cranks are made from 7000-series aluminum alloy.


Your drivetrain is essential for your bicycle, and you should make sure your bike has the very best product on the market. The SRAM Eagle series is one of the best drivetrains you come across at affordable prices. We have reviewed two of them, and we advise that you install one on your bicycle as soon as you can. Cheers!